Gaming Steve's Greatest Console of All Time

A few days ago CNet blogger Don Reisinger caused a small stir when he stated that the Super Nintendo was the greatest video game system of all time. So Gaming Steve's question this week is, "What was the greatest video game console of all time?" Steve would have to go with the Atari 2600 as his pick, and he explains why.

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Yi-Long3766d ago

...I have had the C64, the Amiga, the Megadrive, The SNES, the Dreamcast, Xbox, PC, Gamecube etc.

For me, the Xbox is my favourite console. Simply because it has the most games on it that I really thought were awesome, and in different genres as well.
It has nice SP shooters, M shooters, racing games, rpg's, action games, etc etc. It even has some nice platformers (although not enough and not as good as a Mario Galaxy)

It has Def Jam FFNY, which is certainly in my top 3 of great great fighting games. So much fun. It has SSX3, it has Fable, it has Ninja Gaiden Black, it has Rallisport Challenge 2, which is still the best racing game EVER, as far as I'm concerned :) Great control and gorgeous levels to drive through.
It just has so many great games.

But other people will say the same about THEIR console of choice, and list the classics that they think back of with so much love.

My Amiga (Monkey Island, Flashback, Superfrog, etc) was great as well. My Dreamcast (Metropolis Street Racing, Shenmue, Soul Calibur, Marvel vs Capcom, etc) was awesome too.

For me, the (original) Xbox is really my favourite. It has classics in every genre, the joypad was great, etc etc. Too bad the hardware was a piece of fecies, but that's to be expected (sadly) of Microsoft (which is why I havent bought a 360 yet, cause I dont wanna have 40+ games and than have a console that craps out on me and I cant replace cause they're pulled from all the stores)

But yeah, software-wise, the Xbox (original) wins. For me.

poos33766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

360/ps1/super ness are the finals for me who wins who knows

Mr Playboy3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

360 is great but not the best

Mr Playboy3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )


poos33766d ago

the winner is the 360

desolationstorm3766d ago

I dont know how poeple could really rate the greatest console of all time. Everythings differnt and everyones done so many things.

The N64 will always be one of my favorites, simply because it had outstanding experiances all around. Plus it gave rise to some of the greatest additions to gaming. First and for most the first time I played a game with rumble was an awesome experiance. Not to mention 4 player was pretty much created with the n64. I still to this day play mario 64 tournaments. Plus with mario 64, ledgend of zelda and ogre battle single player games shined.

The dreamcast would get on my list because it is such an under rated master piece. Not to mention the sheer amount of great games. Had one of the best launch games of all time, not to mention was the first console to really get me online. It also created the 2k sports franchise and at that point in time they were hands down better then eas offering. Well 2k football was IMO. Add in differnt experiances such as shenmue and PSO and you had a gem on your hands.

Also I loved the original xbox, because I had a lunch system without any problems the whole generation plus system link became the thing to do at college just plug into the networka nd you were bound to find atleast 4 other people that wanted to play. Also the addition of a harddrive is one of my favorite additions to videogaming hands down. The death of memory cards was welcomed IMO. Though I wouldnt put it up there I could see it being in my top five.

I know the snes was a great system, but never owning one I cant honestly put it on my list. Yes I have played the roms and I would agree with anyone that said the snes was one of the best systems ever. It just did what the nes did but better in every category.