Wii U hands-on impressions from Wii U Experience Atlanta event |

XMNR: Nintendo brought the Wii U Experience to Atlantic Station in Atlanta this past weekend so I grabbed the most un-jaded gamer I know, my son, and drove down from the suburbs to go hands-on with the new GamePad controller and games that are coming to the console this holiday.

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LX-General-Kaos1904d ago

This looks to be a very positive and rewarding gaming experience. I can't wait to get my desperate fingers on the innovative controller that powers this masterpiece of a gaming machine come this holiday season. Nintendo has set out to impress and it seems that they have done it again. Which is what's expected from a dedicated gaming kingdom with such a great rep for developing such amazing experiences in the field.

Everything is looking positive thus far. Nintendo kicks off the beginning of the next generation of our forever evolving hobby very soon. Stay positive.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

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TotalSynthesisX1904d ago

...That almost sounded fake. Not even the most rabid fanboys say stuff like that.


cleft51904d ago

Yeah how dare he not be here bashing the Wii U, cursing, or saying some sort of homophobic or sexist comment. So suspicious.

bothebo1904d ago

@ cleft5

Regardless, how can anyone take his or her comment seriously?

TotalSynthesisX1903d ago

@cleft5: Dude, this is N4G. It's a little strange coming across a comment that isn't fanboyish, immature, or longer than a couple of simple sentences.

If he feels that way, more power to him.

I still find it strange...

bothebo1904d ago

How did he comment on it before it was submitted?

Queasy1904d ago

He commented on it after it was submitted but before it was approved.

Digimortal1904d ago

Best way to market there console.

slavish1904d ago Show