Metro: Last Light explores "completely new story and plotline" from author

Metro 2033 was an "unpolished gem" for THQ which they "came to realise a little too late," but despite this it went on to sell over a million copies on PC alone. It's moved from "cult-hit" to "bonafide hit."

Now the developer is working on sequel Metro: Last Light, which continues Artyon's journey. Metro author Dmitry Glukhovsky had to provide a "completely new story and plotline" for the game.

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FCOLitsjustagame2056d ago

So, last metro game, should that be on my get cheap list?

Fishy Fingers2055d ago

Without doubt, if just for the atmosphere alone. But a good game all round. I picked it up on a Steam sale, but I'm sure you can find it cheap with a bit of looking.

SlapHappyJesus2055d ago

Definitely worth picking up. The game had its issues, and still has a few. However, it is one of the most atmospheric, engaging shooters of a long, long while.

If you pick it up, make sure to grab the Ranger Pack. It cleans up the gunplay a lot and adds difficulty modes and weapons.

Kran2055d ago

It should be on your: get now list

Get the Darksiders/Metro 2033 combo pack.

2 brilliant games in 1 brilliant pack

aawells072055d ago

I highly recommend it, one of my favorite games this gen.

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Kran2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

I'd say thats a good thing.

I say that because, sure, the first game is based off the first book. But because the second game is not, it allows the author to create new and exiting ideas for the game and it might also tempt gamers to go and read the books, where they'll learn Metro 2034 book has a completely different story, so both media will keep gamers gripped. Its a win win :)

Well... it is if Metro 2034 was in english... :/ WHICH ITS NOT!!