GTA 5: Ready for Release? Voice Actors Starting Work for Radiostations

Voice actors for the GTA 5-radiostations announced, that they have just begun their work for Rockstar.

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simonrope1935d ago

How does this make it ready for release?

Too many of these dumb ass articles.

SilentNegotiator1935d ago

Could go either way.

You could say "They're only starting NOW??" or "The radiostations are probably recorded last as they're not very important to the overall game....this could release in November"

tachy0n1935d ago

radio stations are a huge part of GTA, for example, in gta san andreas 3GB of the 4.75GB of the game, are audio files from the radio, all this rumour can probably prove is that GTA V is not even close to be finished lol

Grap1935d ago

and your source to that? your basement?

SilentNegotiator1935d ago

I said importance, not size.

Besides, a lot of that is MUSIC, is it not?

tachy0n1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

@Grap and disagrees

go check the ripped versions of GTA SA that are up in the torrents, you can also check this when modding any GTA game on the PC, the GTA modding community already knows about this.

people please go research before doing anything. damn.

RadeonElite1935d ago

yeh no new Info what so ever just what if's!!!

hennessey861935d ago

could take a year on a game this big.

ab5olut10n1935d ago

yeah, if they're just now doing the voiceovers then there's still the editing, mixing, mastering to go and that's JUST for the radio stations. 10 to 1 says programmers are still going at it on the game world.

Sensu1935d ago

Still, I'd like to know the names of those two voice actors. They aren't mentioned anywhere in the article...

danieldeath1935d ago

These articles are really starting to get annoying.

brettyd1935d ago

The thing i look forward to most when a new GTA releases are the radio stations, there always great.

MRMagoo1231935d ago

i was gonna say that too, i really enjoy the over the top opinions the casters have and they make the game more fun imo specially when you are driving someone miles away.

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The story is too old to be commented.