Nintendo responds to third parties' concerns

Nintendo has responded to worries that only first party titles are selling on the Wii, saying that it believes the situation is only temporary.

According to the company's third-quarter report meeting transcription, translated by Develop, the problem is simply one of the Wii still being a young system - and that, as such, Nintendo's internal teams currently have an significant advantage.

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shine13963851d ago

In order for wii to maintain their runaway success, third party need to get wii love..and when there's a quick buck to made I'm sure third parties will deliver. I'm worried about the hardcore gamer though...and content quality...

wiizy3851d ago

i think third parties need to polish their games more., make a good game first before complaining. and once they do...actually advertise that game

OC Shock Value3851d ago

I personally think people will continue to buy thi Wii.. 3rd party or no 3rd party.. its a good alternative to have.. plus it has a KO punch called the virtual console.. which i think (personally) is worth the price of admission.. i am a diehard sony fan.. but i can even admit that the Wii is whoopin ass.. and im even gonna get one to sit right next to my PS3.. If you really love games.. then you should know nintendo games are NOT to be missed.. 3rd party support or not..

over n ouT

ktchong3851d ago

they SUCK?

Maybe they should blame themselves instead of Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

....Promotion......the only third party commercial i have seen so from EA.

i cant remember any other commercial for games from any other third party.
I wonder if developers and people doing marketing even know what they are doing? its easy to blame it on the Wii, but if you cant do it right yourself then dont even complain =/

" the problem is simply one of the Wii still being a young system -"
I do believe this, just like the did not had the games i wanted, a year later the library got more interesting.
although a year already passed, i do believe 2008 looks better.

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The story is too old to be commented.