No confirmation of Final Fantasy XIII in 2008

After the new Famitsu scans were released, we got the exciting news that Toriyama is hoping to give the fans a glimpse of the game in the form of a demo sometime this year. Somehow down the line this is been misinterpreted by many game sites, specifically Joystiq, that Tetsuya Nomura (Character designer) has promised the game will release in 2008, which the original Famitsu scans do not state.

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Sonics0203800d ago

Can't just let us have some hope can you? O well whenever it comes out I am really looking forward to this game.

TruthBTold3800d ago

We'll have it when it comes out whenever it may be. Since they havent given a date I am not waiting on a specific time frame. I can wait cause Im sure it will be worth it. Ill be here playing other games while I wait on desert.

kira9893799d ago

I knew it was to good 2 be true.. Thats alrite though, these games are goona be awesome!!! So whether we get em this year or next I'll still be happy(2010 is pushin it!!lol)

niall773799d ago

even if it was out in japan this year the japanese version would be in japanese so I wont import it anyway

killer_trap3799d ago

i knew it, man i wish id didn't get my hopes up. good thing we have a lot of other releases to look forward to in 2008.

now i need something to cheer me up cause I'm still feeling down.

INehalemEXI3799d ago

Well seems like those sites failed to translate properly still its possible to come in 08. Just not promised as Gamernode had mistaken.

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The story is too old to be commented.