Mana Khemia Interview: Tracking down the secrets of alchemy

Jeff Haynes of IGN writes:

"If you're an RPG player, you've probably become used to the tried and true 'save the world' or 'defeat overwhelming evil' concepts that dominate the genre. But what if you want a change? What if you're looking for a kinder, gentler RPG which focuses more on character interaction, item collection and story driven exploration? Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis could just be the title for you.

A spiritual successor to the Atelier Iris series, Mana Khemia follows a young man known as Vayne Aurelius, as he enters Al-Revis Academy and learns the art of alchemy. With a large focus on item synthesis and exploration, Mana Khemia appears to honor the popular franchise easily. We contacted Jack Niida, Marketing Manager over at NIS America to get some new information on the upcoming game, such as its alchemy system, battle mechanics, and its connection (or lack thereof) to the Atelier Iris titles."

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Darkiewonder3769d ago

Wanted the limited edition. But I wonder how well stocked the stores will have this game though. Definitely want to get this game!