Game Obsession Blamed in Xbox Baby Murder Trial

Kotaku writes: "Video game obsession is what lead to the beating death of 17-month-old Alayiah Turman, an Assistant District Attorney said yesterday in the closing arguments of Tyrone Spellman's murder trial".

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YoMeViet3707d ago

feel sorry for the baby but...what the heck? 6 Hrs is too much??? I play way more than that and i'm find and dandy. I would have smack the Assistant DA for his dumb remarks.

Shankle3707d ago

You play videogames for more than six hours a day?! Don't you have any work to do?

3707d ago
gamesR4fun3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

all I can say is you need to be disposed of.
any adult that cant put down his controller to deal with an infant without loosing it should know to get help.
Anyone adult who injures a baby to the point of death deserves the same.

Having been through the baby trip a few times know I can say its no cake walk but thats what family and friends are for. If you really lack the ability to control your anger no way should you have a kid in your care. They cry they whine they drive you nuts from lack of sleep and then theirs the collicy ones. But listen if your a parent reading this dont be scared to ask for help even if you have no family or friends social services can and will help. And no you dont have to give up your kid just trust me its better to get help than have this happen. And for the love of pete dont expect an infant to know what to touch and not to touch keeping the bad stuff away from them is your job.

My heart and prayers for that poor child's soul and those left behind in the void.

Joey Gladstone3707d ago

knowing DAMN well what the other prisoners are going to do to his AS$ once he gets in there for killing a kid........its going to be poetic BOOTY justice for this sad excuse of a man.....
."The JOEY has Spoken"

NEO_X3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

(Although I usually do agree with ya joey)Although this guy is going to get his regardless of what I think... I don't know this guy i've never met him and I surely have not walked a day in his shoes. So I find it un-fair to say I hope he dies, sure he did something terrible and sure he deserves a long sentence but i think just because he didn't put into thought the value of life before he took it doesn't mean it is ok for us skip over that thought and wish death or worse rape on this dude if anything the only thing i wish on this guy is for him to feel a immense amount of guilt for what he has done and to really re-evaluate his life and maybe even change.

(edit)I don't mind the disagree but feel free to discuss :)
Also I can't help it If i feel for this guy I have a close friend in prison whom I know has a long back story leading up to what he did(although he didn't kill someone he sure tried and thank God it didn't happen) So I to try and think beyond just what im told in these articles because a lot of times these people have had a pretty tragic past

Joey Gladstone3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

........hmmmmmm, i gave you an Agree and you do make a very valid point in that there are no true words than "innocent until proven guilty" or "Judge not lest ye be judged" but i guess I was more brought up on the premise of an eye for an eye, and especially when it involves an innocent child there are no excuses that this man can come up for what he did ....
."The JOEY has Spoken"

NEO_X3707d ago

It takes a lot to re-evaluate a situation so insane as this and that is why I don't expect a lot of people to agree with me on it.
But I gotta toss you some bubbles on this one Joey and I can totally see this from your point of view as well.

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SKUD3707d ago

Just another phuck head going to prison and wasting more tax dollars. Kill them all I say. Problem solved.

cmcate3706d ago

If you disagree with my point that this story is sad, I would sure like to hear your reasoning!

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