News: Bayonetta 2 To Be A Portable Game?

In a recent interview, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry Creator Hedeki Kamiya spills the beans on a possible Bayonetta sequel, including plans for a crossover with Devil May Cry's Dante.

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guitarded771900d ago

"while he is still only discussing the possibility with producer Yusuke Hashimoto over beers"...

That's where ideas are born... whether great or disastrous, only time will tell.

gamer78041900d ago

I think this would be the oppossite of what people want. We want bayonetta sequel, starring bayonetta. Not everyone has a portable console. Now if this was in addition to development of a true console sequel that would be fine but i wouldn't want it to delay a true sequel.

mightyles1900d ago

I think that the cost of making a full sequel may be the issue here. Just out of interest, what would you prefer, a portable sequel or no sequel at all? I think I can live with a vita / 3DS sequel

gamer78041895d ago

Dual analog would be important, a vita game sure would be nice. But I really want another console version moreso.

tehpees31900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

This is what I've been saying. Japanese developers make money on handhelds (notably Nintendo and Sony). Who buys Xbox in Japan? It would be cheaper to make on handhelds and they would make more money on 3DS/Vita then PS3/360. At least when Vita picks up the pace they will.

Once Vita sells, is the cost of production on HD consoles justified to the cost of production on handhelds? When they will make more money on handhelds anyway you can understand their logic.

SandWitch1900d ago

A cheap 3DS game probably

ginsunuva1900d ago

Or, you know, that other portable gaming device out there..

mightyles1900d ago

Or, dare we say it... a mobile game?!?!?!

jay21900d ago


Lord_Sloth1900d ago

I wish I could hook my Vita to my PS3 and use that to stream my games to the TV.

THamm1900d ago

Fat chance, Sony won't unlock the best features of the Vita for us. They just leave it closed up until hackers unlock it and complain of bad sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.