A Gay Gamer Convention is NOT Necessary (Gaymercon 2013)

GaymerCon. No, I’m not kidding. This is really happening. And I think it’s complete and utter BS. Let me explain why.

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zeal0us1958d ago

If gay gamers want to have a convention I say...Let them. Its not hurting me one bit if they do have one.

StanLee1958d ago

What would be the point? Why would there be a need to identify yourself as a gay gamer? We're all gamers, we play the same games.

slixshot1958d ago

Honestly, it's like those who want "Gaymercon" are attempting to segregate themselves.

PockyKing1958d ago

That's what half the world does to slix, everybody's always calling people out for being racist etc or against gays and lesbians, some are yes, but most people today, especially the younger generations could care less. Yet, and no offense to anyone at all, people create their own stereotypes whether it be for attention, make themselves feel more comfortable or what, but they create thier own stereotype by trying to act different than anyone else instead of just being who they are.

Christopher1958d ago

***by trying to act different than anyone else instead of just being who they are.***

Are they trying to act different, or are they different? And, who says they're not just being who they are?

pandaboy1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


They are acting different. Acting camp and being gay are two completely different things. Being gay is not a choice and is common and natural in many species, but acting camp is a conscious decision and in choosing to act this way loses the persons individuality to some completely superficial fabricated manifestation of pop culture; and that is what gaymercon would end being.

p.s. spare me a bubble for pwning you :P

Blastoise1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Exactly. Gay people are welcome at every gaming convention anyway, male or female.
Its almost as if regular conventions are not good enough.
I think its kind of strange that they feel it necessary to host a gay targeted convention and not just hang out at regular conventions with everybody.

Holeran1958d ago

yes we all play the same games but alot of gay gamers play hide the sausage completely different than straight gamers.

SilentNegotiator1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Why have a convention that's for a sexuality AND a specific hobby? Are there needs that only another homosexual gamer can fulfill....via gaming?

May as well have a convention for people who enjoy crocheting (a small percent of the population) and also people that smoke (a load of people). Because there is no connection and it has a really odd sort of filter/funnel to it.

"If gay gamers want to have a convention I say...Let them"
I don't really think anyone is arguing against that. Just the logic behind such a specific convention.

specialguest1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

What's the point? I don't think it's about announcing to the world that they're gay gamers in a defiant sort of way. The point of a gay gamer convention could be to discuss things they don't get from a typical gamers convention like:

-The gaming industry involving Gay/Lesbian subjects/issues
-Sharing gaming experiences within the community
-Community building/support
-Meeting other Gay/Lesbian gamers

I'm just naming a few things I thought up. Keep in mind that I'm not a gay gamer who has direct insight on their community, and there's probably more that could be added.

Everyone has the right to have their own conventions as long as it's not breeding hate.

Gaming1011958d ago

lol what exactly would be the reason to out yourself as gay at a gamers convention? Homosexuals make up about 1-2% of the population according to some studies, other studies say it has grown to around 9 or 10%, that's not enough people for a convention for just gamers.

Why exactly do gays see the need to throw their sexuality in everyone's face? They already have a pride parade, do they really need a gamers convention too? (that hardly anyone would show up to btw lol)

vickers5001958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

"but most people today, especially the younger generations could care less"

And how exactly did you come to this conclusion?

Where I live, the opposite is true unfortunately. I'm not gay, but I feel sorry for those who might be in my city/state.

Sure there are probably 'more' tolerant people than there are homophobic people, but it still isn't 'most' people.

This convention is just a place for gay people to enjoy their hobby amongst people they feel comfortable with, a friendly environment and don't have to hide who they are without fear of some asshole calling them 'faggot' like every conversation they've probably had over an online game goes.

The fact is, gay people are treated differently. You can wish all you want that that's not the case in real life and can attempt to believe that we "are all just gamers", but the fact is, that's not the case for some. Some gay folk probably have the exact same taste as many straight gamers, but there are many straight gamers who wouldn't care, and would just hate them based on the fact that they're gay, regardless of how similar their taste in gaming is.

Gays aren't the only ones treated differently though. Just look at girl gamers. Constantly hit on online, treated as if they're some mystical fabled rare creature.

The naive belief you have that most people are tolerant is nice, but it's unfortunately not true.

Besides, even if you think everything I said is not true, what's wrong with another gaming convention? I say more the merrier. More chances for devs to show off their games.

BlackTar1871958d ago

I just don't want them getting any special sneak peeks lol.

Other then that if they want to make sure they are loud and everyone sees them then let them i don't see the problem.

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jadenkorri1958d ago

this is why i never got gay pride parades, like wtf is the point, now they want gay game conventions, what next, gay Olympics. For a group of people who are trying to get equality in marriages and what not, they certainly go a lot out of the way to make the point their different.

Army_of_Darkness1957d ago

It would be the perfect pick-up/ dating hot spot for gaymers! LOL!

bbbbbrian1957d ago

honestly as a gay gamer its hard to find other gay people that love video games. i love castlevania and the legend of zelda and i dont think you realize just how impossible it is to find anyone with similar interests. id find gaymercon pretty awesome in my opinion just because its a place to make friends with other gays who share the same interest.

blumatt1957d ago

I think them wanting their own convention kind of falls into the category of black people wanting their own music awards. It's just unnecessary. Why do they need their own convention?

Guaranteed if straight people made an all straight gamer convention there would be some seriously mad people. So why do they feel it's ok to have THEIR own convention?



The problem here is numbers. If there is a gay gamer cummunity (and I say "if" because it could be just people that happen to be in two different groups depending on the perspective, just like I don't consider myself as part of a hetero gamer community, or fisherman biker, or atheist basketballer or any other combination of my unrelated hobbies, preferences or qualities), it's really small... And as so, they would much better be attended by the two existing kind of events.

For example "meeting other gay/lesbian gamers" and "community building/support". Those are much better suited for LGBT events, for instance, if you show up at a Gay Pride Parade with a gamer t-shirt, cosplaying a game character or on gamer themed block, chances are you'll atract other gamers, which in such a event are more likely than not going to be gay/lesbian as well. Also you attract the attending media to gaming.

Or for checking "the gaming industry involving Gay/Lesbian subjects/issues" and "sharing gaming experiences within the community" it's much more suited to events like E3, you just have to send in the right journalists (from gay community) so they cover what matters to this group.

I'm not saying your points are wrong, they are right, but I just think you probably would get much more accomplished in either big event than in a smaller gay gamer event. Sure it may not cover minutae details, but hey, we all feel this way as we all have some prefereces or hobbies that may convey in our lifes but are hardly ever covered together.

That said, there's tons of examples of small communities getting together over a common hobby and it works. For example, profession specific sports events. Most people that are really into sports in School or College tend to abandom it after they finish their formal education, this kind of profession based convention help a lot of people to get back into a former hobby. But this usually demand a big moving force behing the event (the most successful example which I can think of are those military or police department games events) and the hobby is pretty popular open (it's not just one kind of sport). If Gay Gamer community have that support and want to try, I say why not? It may not help, but it sure won't hurt their chances in accomplishing those objectives or others.



You have to consider that the Gay Pride Parade was created in different times, when they actually had to talk about it if they want to have any right at all, because from a legal standpoint, gay equality was non-existent, they were either illegal (as gay marriage) or legally unprotected (i.e. against prejudice).

But right now, you kind of have a point. They want to be reckoned just like everyone else, but you don't see "everyone else" (as if "not gay" were a homogeneous group) doing it.

Either way, I believe it's still made simply because it became a tradition or celebration for this group. It's not really different than Indepence Parade, March for Jesus or Carnival/Mardi Gras.

At least they are all the same for... That means, they all block the freaking street! *honk* *honk*

ForNgoods1957d ago


Completely agree with you. What's next? A convention for just black, white, asian, or mexican gamers? How bout one for left handed gamers or better yet a convention for vegetarian gamers? Where does the line stop?? And seeing how they are suggest Gaymercon is for gays, does this mean straight people cant attend?? Thank god i'm not the only one scratching my head on this one.

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Shepherd 2141957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

They want attention, thats what they want.

When i was training for a job at Target, they sent me to another store for the training. The guy training me for the position was gay, told me about it my first day and asked me if it was alright, and he never let me forget it. For two weeks every day, he would find a way to make a gay joke about himself, find a quick opportunity to reference his sexuality in ways you wouldnt think possible, and constantly inform me that "like every male, i could go gay if i gave it a chance".

ive met many more like him too. I never feel the need to inform people that im heterosexual, and i have no idea what being gay has to do with gaming or why it should be such a special event or advertisement.

AngryTypingGuy1957d ago

GaymerCon is being proudly brought to you by Chick-Fil-A.

rjdofu1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@SonyWarrior: please don't reproduce.
People like you is one reason why i support gay marriage.

CommonSense1957d ago

so many opinions on something so pointless.

the only reason i'd goto a gaming convention would be if i thought at least half would be chics in the hopes i might meet someone that i can connect with.

at least this way, they get not half, but 100%. certainly helps their odds.

and lets face it, this IS about hooking up. if it weren't, they'd be happy with regular gaming conventions. i say more power to em.

JellyJelly1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Just curious, what do you guys think about something like BET?

Since you can't stand a gaming convention aimed at gay people, I can't imagine you'd accept a TV channel aimed at black people?

Or is there a difference? Being gay is a personal choice (or according to some a disease) and being black, jewish or whatever isn't, right?

Some of you are so stupid it makes me scared. This whole thread is evidence that gay people aren't accepted. And before you start accusing me of being ungodly or whatever, I'm not gay, I just know how to read and write. And think.

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Baba19061958d ago

i dont see the point of this. beeing gay myself i am not different than any other gamer, male or female, straight or bi. sexuality has nothing to do with gaming. this is just strange. maybe the only argument for it would be to get to know other gay people but you dont need a game convetion for that...

Tired1958d ago

Well it helps to meet other people like you. I found most of my psn friends on a gaygamer site.
Mainly because it's nice to play games with people who aren't shouting things like..

'take that you f'ing faggot'
'Die you queer c*nt'

I know that the people who I was playing with had no idea they were playing with a gay person...but it helps not to have to hear that for two hours straight.

BlackTar1871958d ago


Stop putting value in the put downs and they will stop hurting. + they arn't using them in a way to offend gay people they are just words and words like Faggot have more then 1 meaning.

the word only hurts because you empower it inside yourself to offend you.

other then that do what makes you happy :)

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BlackTar1871958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

hey comeon what color do you think i am?

i mean really the only time my "Black Friends" take offense is when they are using it derogatory towards them or in a way that is directly related to being black. When i hear people on VG's saying it around me and my black friends do you think we really care? Only when used as a put down to the black race. Offense is taken right away but other then that not much value is put in it. It is the internet

Lol at not knowing what I'm talking about. Learn to not be so sensitive.

almost all these put downs are used in a way that they don't make sense to the actual sorce material it comes from so therefore should lose almost all value. But i guess if you want to be offended by a slang term then go about doing so. it doesn't actually make sense like 95% of the time so saying the word regardless of intent or meaning fromt he person saying it means nothing to you. Thicker skin

"What insecure young males call each other when they don't have anything intelligent, clever, or witty to say. "

In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used insteap of calling somebody stupid or a loser."

It offends you that they are using the word incorrectly and without the true hateful reason behind it? Get thicker skin

Or just call me stupid either or.

just know i have no ill will towards anyone race,creed or anything. I also use the word described above and i can tell you i definatley don't mean it in the way he is obviously taking it.

Getowned1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ Hawknoi

Why should you care what they say, I get called names all the time online and in real life, I just really don't care anymore. You need to just let it go and I know that can be hard but I've had so much happen to me in my life that I guess I have developed a resistance to it. I won't shead a tear or start a fight about it, or even complain.

I am not gay but I do think its disrespectful for people acting that way regardless if anyone in the lobby was gay or not. It's more or less just bad manners and theres no reason for anyone to act that way. Besides no one has anything new to say what can they say about you that can hurt you if being gay,short,fat,poor, or have a bad dkr, etc(not saying you are any of these things) is the only way they can make an attept to hurt or disrespect you.. than I say they have nothing on you, and you have nothing to lose. Words are just words in the end they sting, but they can't hurt you.

Brosy1957d ago

The 360 also allows you to permenately mute anybody you find annoying. And you can also file a complaint and possibly get them banned, as well as report them and hurt their online reputation. You can't do that on PS3 or Wii. So Live doesn't have to be filled with hate if you don't want it to be. Get what you pay for.

CommonSense1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

i work with a lot of gay guys (in fact, where i work, i'm in the minority when it comes to the male staff), and i've never heard a group of people (not even in a competitive game like halo, or gears, or whatever) say more things like you describe. initially i just found it funny that they were being ironic. but they aren't being ironic. they just recognize those words the same way the rest of us words.

i can appreciate what you're saying...sometimes (in the context), i can would even agree with you. i have heard some people say some pretty awful things to a black guy once they realize he's black; but i think 90% of the time these words aren't meant to be least not in a lasting way.

i know that if i say something is 'gay' or i hear someone else say it, it never even occurs to me to think of it in a sexual way.

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cleft51958d ago

So true and if people on the internet and real life weren't such little homophobic bitches than there would be no need for this. Go on the 360 and say you are gay and just see how much fucking hatred you get in the matter of moments. Gaming Convention are about helping people come together and just be themselves while enjoying games. Sadly, that isn't possible for a lot of people at typical conventions.

Heartnet1958d ago Show
Sheikh Yerbouti1958d ago

A lot of online homophobia is a myth. Most people don't care, but will insult someone for the homosexuality because its there to attack. People's manners don't improve that much from kindergarten. A lot of it is probably from kindergarteners.

Gamerpeanuts1958d ago

Cant we all just game together without being separated by barriers we create ourselves? There is no need for this, and there will never be a need for this. We are all gamers and thats what counts the most.

TekoIie1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

It's silly and unnecessary... But that doesn't mean I'm against it. Besides how do you stop people who arnt gay from getting in?

If this is something gay gamers want then let 'em have it!

CoLD FiRE1958d ago

Maybe they're going to require people to suck the security guy's dick before they enter the convention!

MattyG1958d ago

If they want to be accepted in society they need to not want special things for gay people. We don't have a Macdonalds and a Gaydonalds, or a Starbucks and a Gaybucks, so why do we need multiple conventions for multiple sexual orientations?

EminemAt3AM1957d ago

LOL, "Gaybucks", can u imagine that?

The slogan being: Everything sucks at Gay bucks.

KidBroSweets21958d ago

Honestly, the only reason you'd not want them to have their own convention is because you simply hate gays. I mean, it's 2012 people, grow up. And I'm sure there'll be lesbians there too. It's just a way for people with who share a similar feeling to have a good time and gaming seems to be a proper platform to not get judged on. case hell, you've all seen crazier stuff in video games.

2v11958d ago

i wish there wher a video game wher i could kill only gay people, now this comment may upset people but is mi opinion of how im feeling whit all this gay people

Slapshot821958d ago

While I agree, I think that this actually segregates them more than anything. I've never, ever heard of a gay gamer not being accepted at any convention, which makes me question the reasoning behind the event -- is this convention going to be focused more on sex than gaming?

fr0sty1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

If they want to be equal, want to be treated just like any other person, why do they do so much to draw attention to themselves? To make themselves stand apart from the crowd? It defeats the purpose entirely, and makes it seem less about equality and more about attention. I don't care if they have a convention, anything that helps the gaming industry is cool by me, but these sorts of things do make me call their motives into question.

Eddie201011958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Gaymercon is meant for like minded people to gather and comunicate with pepole who are into gaming and posibly make new friends(Gay people and their friends) it is not meant to be any kind of political statement.

f7897901957d ago

Let's organize a white male gaming convention.

The point is, there's no need to divide yourself from others like this.

cl19831957d ago

I suggest a signals hetero gaming convention.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Wait until gears 4 has pink bunnies & shotguns that shoot hearts then you will care! /s

NewZealander1957d ago

i have no issues with it, i go on TDU2 and see people have made racing clubs for gay people, or over 50's etc, its great to see people reaching out to others with similar interests, i don't personally see the point of needing a whole convention, but hey if they want one why the heck not!

i have met some really cool people on xbox live, and yes some are gay, some are in there mid 50's, some only speak french and i have to translate everything for them, some are teens, some are crazy! but they all add a bit of spice to my online gaming!

Emilio_Estevez1957d ago

Now everyone make sure to down-vote this horribly premised article and the site who clearly wrote for hits.

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2pacalypsenow1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

what if they have a straight game convention? wait that discriminating just like having an all black cast not being racist but an white cast is .....right??

Tameel11958d ago

Because gays and black people are still considered a minority in the US and are usually just told to "shut up" or "deal with it" when they want to discuss the representation of their race or sexuality in the media. There are still a lot of issues in the gaming industry regarding the characterizations and representations of minority people in gaming (actually in all media) and conventions like this are a good way to discuss those issues and ideas without being told to ":shut up" or that it's "no big deal".

White, straight people don't have that problem. They aren't going to be excluded from games or movies or books any time soon (even if an all-gay or all-black game was ever made) and there is no real need to have a white or straight convention to discuss the lack of diversity or white representation in games because most characters in games are already white or straight.

Is it really discriminatory for a minority group to want a safe space to discuss their issues without being ignored or silenced? Just take a look at this article for example; the author flat-out says anybody who wants to attend this convention is "not a true gamer" and that if they want to discuss their sexuality in respect to gaming then they "have a few screws loose". He wonders why minorities feel like they need specific conventions and "safe spaces" to discuss their issues, then spends an entire article proving exactly why minorities feel like they need safe spaces to disucss their issues.

Christopher1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

***Because gays and black people are still considered a minority in the US and are usually just told to "shut up" or "deal with it" when they want to discuss the representation of their race or sexuality in the media. ***

Yes, still the minority. No, they aren't told to "shut up" or "deal with it."

***because most characters in games are already white or straight.***

True. The question is, much like TV and movies, whether or not the representation of the "other races" and "sexual preferences" are as represented as their minority percentage compared to the majority. Are there more or less gay characters in video games, as a percentage, nowadays than the real world? Black characters?

That would be an interesting analysis of the industry.

But, yes, White people tend to be the focus.

What's strange is that the Hispanic population tends to be a huge player of games in this generation, yet they have less of a "in-game representation" than blacks, whites, or gays.

***Is it really discriminatory for a minority group to want a safe space to discuss their issues without being ignored or silenced?***

Not at all. Especially considering they are not excluding straight people from the event.

***He wonders why minorities feel like they need specific conventions and "safe spaces" to discuss their issues, then spends an entire article proving exactly why minorities feel like they need safe spaces to disucss their issues.***


6yo1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

1. White people are minority on this planet.
2. There is more black people on this planet then white people.
3. There are no gays in games because gay people dont make games??!!!
4. There are no black people in games because black people dont make games??!!
If i will be black or gay i will make people look like gay in games and all of them will be black. just natural thing i think
Just mine opinion

bicfitness1958d ago

They're (Caucasians) not an identifiable minority. If you want to have a "white pride" meeting, that's called the KKK and it may not be what you think.

If gay people want to fund and support an event like this, let them.

Its not exclusionary either, as you imply. You'd be hard pressed to find an LGBT group that would turn away heterosexuals. Most of said groups are focused on tolerance and integration, not segregation.

TekoIie1958d ago

+ bub dude!

One of the few intelligent comments in this article. I'm finding it kind of disturbing when you look at the amount of disagrees people are getting for saying what's right.

Qrphe1958d ago

One of the smartest comments definitely.

Well done buddy

Sheikh Yerbouti1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I assume such a group would operate to promote a more comfortable gaming environment so players can talk camp. Maybe lobby for gay characters in games; good number of characters in comics are gay nowadays. Just don't let them talk camp.

Nerdmaster1958d ago

Try to put here a "greatest couples in gaming" list. See everyone saying "this couple is the best", "I prefer this couple", "I have wet dreams about Tifa", and things like that. After that, put a "greatest gay couples in gaming" list. See how everyone says "keep these things for yourselves", "stop turning everything gay", "why do you need to make these kind of lists?" and things like that.

The thing is, you don't need a straight gaming convention to discuss straight stuff in gaming. The same can't be said about gay stuff.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray1958d ago

So this gaming convention is for gay people who want to discus games in relation to their sexuality?

If thats what this convention is all about then fair enough i suppose. I thought this would be like any other convention but was targeted especially for gay people, but in all honesty, I dont think gays would get very far at e3 or other conventions if they wanted to bring up the topic of gay characters or relationships up for discussion

DragonKnight1958d ago

This kind of sh*t is exactly what Morgan Freeman was talking about and why there will always be divides amongst us. We will never be rid of racism or homophobia so long as we WILLINGLY CREATE divides to promote segregation. Just as BET, Black History Month, or an All Black High School creates the notion that Black people are NOT the same as everyone else, so too does Gaymercon segregate people. The fact that the LGBT community is forcing their lifestyle upon the face of every public event provokes anger and is a homing beacon for narrow-minded homophobes to act against.

With this, Gaymercon will be in the news as all anti-homosexual groups converge to state how much of an abomination it is. There is an increased chance of violence for the very idea of it. It is an unnecessary convention specifically designed to create a divide among peoples. A gamer who is gay is no different from a gamer who is straight. There is one, and only one, qualification to be a gamer and that's that you game. Nothing else.

A gay individuals social problems are irrelevant to gaming, and they have no place in the realm of gaming. Being able to get married isn't going to help you beat the last boss of your favorite game. Being able to kiss in public isn't going to net you that achievement. Being a gamer will get you those things.

This is a bad idea that will receive a lot of bad attention. There are already too many divides among us today, don't create another one in gaming.

Christopher1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I understand your logic, but if you take away all of the "special interest" groups, schools, TV channels, and the like, people would still think this way. More than likely even moreso. It's likely racism would be more prevalent, the history of minorities less known, and so on.

So, having these "special interest" groups and the like does bring to light the minorities and their issues, but that's because others have no clue until you tell them.

And, to be honest, being black is not the same as being white. Nor is being hispanic the same as being white or being gay the same as being straight. The thing is that it's easy to think that everyone is the same if no one tells you otherwise.

You can live blissfully in ignorance, but that doesn't make how those people live in today's day and age equal or better.

***A gay individuals social problems are irrelevant to gaming, and they have no place in the realm of gaming.***

One person made a great comment about how this affects them. He said that if you say you're gay on XBL or have the word Gay in your name, you get censored on XBL. But, saying you're straight or hetero or having such words in your name don't do the same. And all the while people continue to act derogatory towards each other by calling people gay and, if someone is found out to be gay, being harassed in games.

So, I would disagree with this.

***There are already too many divides among us today, don't create another one in gaming.***

It's easy to say that when you aren't at all affected by this. It's easy to be a white guy who doesn't get racially profiled or judged for going out with another guy.

CONCLUSION: My original thought was similar to yours. I thought, hey, shouldn't we be focusing on being a single community? Couldn't you have done this sort of thing at an existing LGBT event rather than creating a splintered event that is so specifically targeted? But most of the comments made since then have changed my mind and I can completely understand that they are needed until people stop making the ignorant, and oftentimes painful, remarks that they have in response to the event itself.

DragonKnight1958d ago

Here's my rebuttal. The special interest groups you mention were created to tell the world "hey, we're just like everyone else so we shouldn't be treated differently." But by placing the label of, say, "Gaymercon" they are in fact telling the world "we are different and we deserve our own event/place that showcases our differences."

One cannot have both. You can't say "we want to be different and at the same time normal" especially since there really is no such thing as normal. It's one thing to bring up inequities in social thinking, but to segregate yourself by creating groups and events specifically designed for your differences is telling the world that you want to have your cake and eat it to.

Sure, Caucasians don't have the same racial problems that other races may have in a predominantly Caucasian society, but if a white person goes to any other country, they are met with the same challenges any other race would meet. I live in Canada, the country with pretty much no immigration laws. Here, we have taken to renaming Christmas and saying "Happy Holidays" instead. There are discussions about having our National Anthem sung in different languages at events like the Olympics. But could I, as a white man, go to another nation and change it like that? Not at all. And that's fine since I'm not trying to. But the point is that all people face different challenges. We shouldn't be saying "well my problems are worse than yours" and then creating separations and divides. Especially in gaming, where there are no divides. If a person puts "I'm gay" then they are telling the world that they are different, then the social problems of the world factor in. It has nothing to do with gaming or gamers, it has to do with the fact that humans have a tribal mentality and thus tend to shun differences. It happens everywhere. The cure is to not treat yourself as different. It shouldn't matter that you're gay, but once you start parading it around it will gain attention. It shouldn't matter that you're straight for that matter either.

When we come forth and say "only my group has problems, and you get to see and hear about them" then we create the problems we are trying to eliminate.

Christopher1958d ago

***But by placing the label of, say, "Gaymercon" they are in fact telling the world "we are different and we deserve our own event/place that showcases our differences."

One cannot have both. You can't say "we want to be different and at the same time normal" especially since there really is no such thing as normal.***

So, using your analogy, there shouldn't be gay bars, but it's okay to have normal bars? There also shouldn't be gay strip clubs, only your standard strip clubs.

Question, if this were to actually happen, how many more attacks against the gay community you think there would be? How do you think the guys who came to see girls strip would take it to see a guy come out to perform for the gay clientele?

***It's one thing to bring up inequities in social thinking, but to segregate yourself by creating groups and events specifically designed for your differences is telling the world that you want to have your cake and eat it to.***

You just said you want your cake and to eat it too as well, by the way. You said you don't want to see special interest groups but you want to know about them as well. If there weren't special interest groups to support the majority of minority groups out there, you wouldn't know anything about them. Heck, slavery would still be in place, women wouldn't be able to vote, and so on.

As it is, there is still racism, sexism, and religious persecution, and more going on even though we have all these special interest groups to inform people of the people that are out there.

And most don't say they are "normal" they say they wanted to be treated as a "normal" person is. A black person will say that they are different from a white person in many ways, not that they are normal just like them. But, what they want is to be treated like they are. Huge difference there.

***I'm not trying to. But the point is that all people face different challenges. We shouldn't be saying "well my problems are worse than yours" and then creating separations and divides.***

But, their problems due to their race and/or sexual preference are likely worse than yours. Yes, that doesn't mean they live a nicer life than you.

I come from a foster home background and had a shitty life until I was extremely lucky to be adopted at the age of 7 (almost 8). I mean, shitty, including living a few years on the streets. And I wasn't normal until about the time I entered High School because of that, if you would still call me normal now. I doubt most people understand what that was like. That's why I give money to help kids get adopted, to ensure they are well taken care of, and support people who want to adopt rather than the "need" to spawn their own children.

Having said that and knowing that many people won't go through that situation, it doesn't mean that other people who are being treated unfairly, harassed, and even physically abused shouldn't be allowed to do what they can to highlight their issues and attempt to enact change in the people around them and how they are perceived by those people.

Christopher1958d ago

***When we come forth and say "only my group has problems, and you get to see and hear about them" then we create the problems we are trying to eliminate.***

First, no one is saying "only my group has problems." No one.

Second, if they are never advertised, it doesn't solve the problem either. It's akin to saying that the Church should have better hidden the priests who were molesting children. Bad things happen, people get hurt, they need help to overcome the persecution and attacks of the idiots in the world. If you don't want to help, cool, that's fine. But, that doesn't mean they don't have a right to have their voice heard and to be treated equally in that respect. Nor does it mean because they chose to focus on a problem near and dear to them that they are making themselves out to be "more special" than someone else. That's akin to saying that looking to solve Cancer is more important than solving any other disease out there. You focus on what you know, what you feel, what matters most to you and you hope that others come together to support you because they also feel that way.

Sheikh Yerbouti1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

You know they're not a people in the traditional sense, like Blacks and Jews. They are a behavior. That's why they are only 1% to 2% - just a deviancy. Kill off all Blacks and Jews, they are gone. The multitude of cultures, backgrounds, beliefs. Things that matter. But gays will always be here.

But it's natural not because of some biological determinism, but because it's a nut. After violence, nothing is more instinctual, carnal and primal than a nut. And the taboo is often the most titillating. How you get a nut is your business if it is between mature, consenting individuals. But it is nothing more than that. Whether you think people should be liberated sexually is another matter.

So how and why our foremost current civil rights issues apply to them and not polygamists and other societal sexual taboos? Or non-sexual lifestyles like casual marijuana users. Were they just the next marginalized group in size?

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KidBroSweets21958d ago


So what, do you get mad at people who go to a corvette club meeting just because you don't have one? No. Because you don't have any interest in it so you don't care to find out about it. If you don't like the idea of a Gaymercon then don't read into an article about it anymore

2pacalypsenow1958d ago

Comparing a car to a human? Right....... and people with corvettes don't try to push owning one down peoples throats

KidBroSweets21958d ago


Actually it's comparing gaming to cars you moron. The humans take the same roles in both events. And who's pushing Gaymercon down your throat? The only way you even know about it is because YOU CHOSE to read about it.