Sony offering rebates on returned HD-DVD players.

In the latest advertisement from German retailer Saturn, Sony is offering 150 Euros off the purchase of a Sony BDP-S300 when current HD DVD owners turn in their used players. This is an outstanding deal for those high definition fans in Germany who would otherwise have been left with a very expensive paperweight. Currently this offer is only available in Germany.

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ITR3675d ago

It would be nice if it was a Panasonic BD player and wasn't over priced.

The BDPS300 is notoriously slow and does freeze up from time to time.
A better deal would be a PS3.

It's only profile 1.0 and is currently our most returned BD player.

Germany, ebay your HD DVD unit and buy a Pani 1.1 player today!
It's the only player on the market today that matches the PS3 in movie loading speeds and it has a SDHC slot!

achira3676d ago

nice from sony. but i would kick this loosers on another planet. it was clear from the beginning, hd-dvd is dead.

gamesR4fun3676d ago

if you got a hd dvd player jump on this while you can.

marinelife93676d ago

Seems like Toshiba should of been the ones to do this deal first to try and save their format. This could end up being big for Sony and Blu-Ray if they start expanding the deal to other countries.

nn3676d ago

they are offering the BDP S300 for 499? You can buy it from for 399 Euro
and here even cheaper
it will be cool if they give the same offer for PS3

MikeGdaGod3676d ago

yeah if they gave that same deal with a PS3, sony would make a killing

Dark_Vendetta3676d ago

Sony made a few deals with Saturn in the past. I also remember the deal when they gave you a free Ps3 if you smashed your 360 against a wall. funny IMO

rawg3676d ago

Probably got some free media coverage for it too.

Anyway, this deal is a nice gesture by Sony and may win them some brand loyalty points from customers who might otherwise have harbored some resentment at Sony for "killing" HDDVD.

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The story is too old to be commented.