Why Horror Games Suck

Non Specific Action take a look at why horror games don't always deliver on the scares front

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ProjectDeputy1936d ago

You mean why horror games sucks THIS gen.

ps1-ps2 era the horror genre was at its best

silent hill 1-2-3
fatal frame
the suffering etc etc

this gen only frictional games dominates the horror genre and well deserved.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1936d ago

No Silent Hill 4? :[

In my opinion it was the scariest SH.

LOGICWINS1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Yeah, besides the devs themselves, no one on planet earth can say that their heart didn't stop for a second when that first dog jumped through the window in RE. That game TRULY made you feel helpless. Never played any Silent Hill games, but I hear good things.

NeoTribe1936d ago

Thing is it takes more to scare us game veterans nowadays. Do u think something as simple as a zombie dog is gonna effect us nowadays. We've become spoiled and that's the main reason most people believe there's no horror games anymore. That and the fact that people can't let go of nostalgic feelings twords the games they played in there younger days. In all reality horror games are better and more realistic now. Same thing goes for killzone 2, people were blown away by its graphics but then could care less about killzone 3s graphics. People were blown away by uncharted 2 but than wernt as immused by u3.

cuddlemonkey1936d ago

I was like oh em gee, that is a scary ass dog right there, I proceeded to shart myself and I vomited on my shoes, I choked and had a heart attack and a stroke at the same time, man , That scary dog haunts me to this day and appears in photos taken of me alone! That dog is scary, they should do that in resident evil 6 and dead space 3, instant win

WeskerChildReborned1936d ago

Yep, it seems like games got worse this gen compared to last gen. I mean their are some great games for this gen and then their aren't.

I'm hoping somebody can make a good survival horror game for consoles this gen.

black9111936d ago

You beat me to it. When Horror Games were exclusive to the playstation they were Amazing.

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Stretch1936d ago

Change the title to "Why RECENT Horror Games Suck" and you got a point.

Getowned1936d ago

Horror games this gen do suck :/

Rip Dead Space, curse you EA!!!

cuddlemonkey1936d ago

Have you played dead space 3 ? Well shut up then!

Getowned1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

No U

Yes Dead Space 1 was Epic, Dead space 2 was good, I liked extraction.. But they looked like they ruined Dead Space with the recent trailer ;/

Have you played dead space to know its good?, No?.. didn't think so, that argument can work both ways. I hope its good, but things arnt looking up. They are casualing the hell out of it.

ProjectDeputy1936d ago

Y Dead Space 1 was good but yet again for the sake of the casuals they turned it to a gears of wars space game.

Look at dead space 3 lol

Kryis1936d ago

Iduno, personally, I think there are still good ol 'Horror' games, around.
It's like NeoTribe mentioned, most of us are older now. We don't scare as easily, anymore.
Also, most of the old games that were 'scary' prolly ain't as much as we remembered, now.

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