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The Male Stereotype in Video Games

Skye on TGC writes: Females have always been a smoking subject discussion of character portrayal, especially amongst the male gamers. Although most women still disagree with their stereotypical depiction, there are also men who are unhappy about their male counterparts. While it is true that the hyper-sexualised female gains extensive votes from the gaming industries majority (which still happens to be men) for their appearance, a lot of attributes of the stereotypical male suit the story being told. No matter what the plot content may be, most video games revolve around a threatning disaster where a strong soldier is required to save the day. (Casual games, Culture, Industry, Tag Invalid)

jc48573  +   965d ago
This wouldn't happen if gamers were more mature. Half of gamers don't really care about stories or character development. They only play play play.
an0nym0us  +   965d ago
There's really not that much character concepts that are "marketable" from the majority's "EGO". So we gotta suffer, with played out characters who were developed by anti-social people.

These generic character designs, are nothing more then easy buttons from developers. The problem is when they try and pass it off as serious designs.
Amazingmrbrock  +   964d ago
I just like to think gaming is still in the jason and the argonauts period of writing. Which if you don't know about it is the ancient greek story about the guy and his crew who go questing for the golden fleece. They battle a bunch of monsters and get kicked around by gods before jason triumphs in the end.

As stories go though it's pretty light on characterization. Which is to be expected with something written in 3000 bc give or take a few hundred years.

So yes I'm saying gaming is about 5000 years behind novels on a general story telling level. Though it seems to be advancing quickly since it has all the great works of art to look up to.
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Lord_Sloth  +   964d ago
It doesn't really help that when a character shows any level of vulnerability (Raiden of MGS2) they get crucified by the masses for not bench pressing trucks and for not chewing cigars.

It really limits the types of "characters" we're allowed to see in the media.

As it stands we have smart asses, and hard asses. Nothing else.
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Amazingmrbrock  +   964d ago
Back when it came out I played through mgs2 and didn't have a problem with it. I was actually quite surprised when the hd versions were announced and everyone was complaining about raiden. I theoretically understand the point the complainers make but in realistic terms they just come across as having low self esteem.

Real men don't whinge about anything. Everyone stop whinging about all the things. ;)
goldwyncq  +   964d ago
The only legitimate reason I see why people hated Raiden was him replacing Snake. I actually liked him more before he became that emotionless, cyborg ninja in MGS4.
ThanatosDMC  +   964d ago
Male hero has to be bald or almost bald. Lots of games with barely any hair heroes or has a scar or tattoo.

Why cant they be like CJ or my green tranny character from Saints Row the Third?
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