Turok -Video and hands-on Preview by GamesRadar

GamesRadar writes: "If ever a series lost its way, it's Turok. After a couple of brilliant N64 games, it combusted. First it went darker (d'oh) added zombies (gah!), then went back to dinos only with added mediocrity (sigh). It looked like a sure candidate for extinction. But all that could be reversed if the new Xbox 360/PS3 iteration lives up to its potential. We were given exclusive hands-on access to a near-complete build of the game recently and it's looking... surprisingly Halo-like. Check out the vid below then we'll get down to the nitty-gritty".

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gamesR4fun3735d ago

got the demo what a piece of crud game I mean boring to the nines. Anyone who spends cash on this without trying the demo is gonna get soaked for 60+ bucks.

Mattearl3735d ago

Rushed the development on this one.... This game could have looked Beautiful! I'm talking Uncharted beautiful.... but, then again, that takes time and money.

Something i'm guessing they didn't have a lot of.

BLUR1113735d ago

just got to play the demo today , mygod.. WHAT A LET DOWN!!

Fototherapist3735d ago

I played the PS3 demo and was initially underwhelmed. I really wanted to love this game as I loved Turok on the N64. Some of the graphics looked a little bland, especially for a next gen game coming out at this stage of the console's life cycle. I understand it's a demo, so I hope the finished product looks a little more lush. The reviewer in Play magazine really liked the game and gave it 9.0/10. The problem I had with it is that dinos tend to come at you from every direction with little to no warning. Your buddy just stands there with a scowl on his face and warns you that he'll leave you if you fall behind. That's about all he says. I'm going to play the demo some more and see if it grows on me. If not, I might hold off for a while.

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