Three Different Controllers Can Be Used Simultaneously On Wii U Multiplayer Games

Madden NFL 13 is a Wii U launch title and will include local cooperative play, in which up to five players can play simultaneously.

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WeskerChildReborned1816d ago

My preference would probably be the Gamepad controller or the Pro controller cause i didn't really like the Wii remote and nunchuck.

zeal0us1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Same here I still find the Wiimote a pain to use even while trying to run netflix.

Relientk771816d ago

What about 4 player games? Like Smash Bros.

WeskerChildReborned1816d ago

If they don't include 4 players in Smash Bros then i'll go on a riot -.-

PopRocks3591816d ago

Of course they'll include 4 players in Smash Bros. That's kind of a no brainer at this point considering the last three entries in the series.

Look at the first sentence. Local multiplayer for five players and the rest of it details how you can use three different controllers for it.

Nugan1816d ago

In this case, "three different controllers" means "three different styles of controllers." Or, in other words, you can use a gamepad, a pro controller and a Wii remote at the same time.

The system supports at least five players simultaneously. NSMB U, Madden, and Zombie U all have confirmed five player local multiplayer. Others might have too.