Weekly Skyrim Gallery [July29th - August 4th]; Lara Croft comes to Skyrim

DSOGaming writes: "Today we bring you screenshots from the works of modders denova80, Shunreal, VictoriaG, dryna, schmoops9, kaldaar, wraith132, voodoohammer, MaxT, Chilliblitz, MissBasha and ASSASSIN903. The highlight of this week is a new character model that was based on Tomb Raider’s heroine, Lara Croft. Modder VictoriaG did a great job recreating her in Skyrim with her Jade model, but ASSASSIN903 went one step ahead and captured a mind-blowing image in a frost environment."

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sexy lol

Hey bethesda take a good look.

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I'll just go ahead and download this now... Skyrim for PC never fails to impress.