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Nintendo should port the Mario Kart Arcade games to the Wii U

Wii U Only suggests Nintendo could make their new console more attractive by developing home versions of the Mario Kart Arcade games. The author gives a number of reasons he believes this would be a great idea, including a few ways the Wii U GamePad could be used to enhance the experience. (Mario Kart, Mario Kart Arcade GP, Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, Mario Kart U, Nintendo, Wii U)

jacksonmichael  +   1030d ago
Without a doubt. Why just sit on them?
guitarded77  +   1030d ago
Wow... didn't know there was a Mario Kart arcade game. Looked it up online. This would be a great port to test the Nintendo Network with.
wiiuonly  +   1030d ago
My thoughts exactly. Such a waste.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1030d ago
Yea they should have some old classic N64 games available on Wii U cause i really miss Pokemon Stadium and Super Mario 64.
DarkBlood  +   1030d ago
oh we'll have them allright, the fact that we are able to transfer the stuff bought on the wii to the wiiu is evidence enough
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MonopolyRSV  +   1030d ago
Watch some videos of the game, it's really not that great.
linkratos  +   1029d ago
Came here to say this. Might be fun for an arcade game but it would really just water down the Mario Kart brand.
from the beach  +   1029d ago
They're decent enough games, I always hated having to put in another credit to play on even if you win by a mile.. also the courses were really repetitive.

Anyway, these games are quite old now and it would probably be better if Nintendo just focused on a new, Wii U-based MK.
Honky Kong  +   1029d ago
How about the F-Zero AX ?
GameTavern  +   1029d ago
I think Nintendo's attitude is that Mario Kart is a once a gen franchise.

Though would be nice if they bought this and their other arcade titles home on like their downloadable service.
Sucitta  +   1029d ago
mariokart 64 hd would make my
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