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PirateThom1837d ago

9GB isn't too bad, really.

Godmars2901837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

It is when you consider the - 40GB? - optional install of the game in addition.

Still shouldn't be too much of an issue to PS3's with 500GB HDDs and better, but how many PS3 owner installed those?

Also the language on the screen is Korean and not Japanese. Meaning that the patch might be live in Korea, and still not up in Japan.

PirateThom1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

9GB is the full install, it's not installing the full game, just the stuff it needed to previously install between chapters.

dalibor1837d ago

Ja I'm going to install the whole 9gigs. And going to try to platinum this game it will be tough though. If only Konami patched the online so the psn servers were used instead of Konami and it was tied to our psn username I would be playing this game online a lot more. At least we got this great, well needed patch and I say thank you Konami. Next up Folklore and Heavenly Sword and RFOM trophy patch to name some. Hopefully.

imt5581837d ago

I have Seagate Momentus XT 500GB in my PS3.:)

TheFinalEpisode1837d ago

I got a 1TB harddrive from amazon for $100 I recomend it and it can even last till next gen if the PS4 uses a same sized harddrive

lociefer1837d ago

i know its stupid but ill keep the mgs4 cd in and keep quitting it until it prompts an update, ill keep u guyz posted

sikbeta1836d ago

I have 20GB left, so I'm going with full install, will start over as my save is tied to an account I don't use anymore (other PS3), trophies are the prefect excuse to replay the game :D

guitarded771836d ago

My 750gb can handle it... and if not, I'll just delete DC Universe. Never play it anyway. Kojima tweeted the 6th and it should be the 6th in Japan right now. Wonder when NA will be. Hopefully the 6th for us too.

morganfell1836d ago

The patch is live now in the US. I just downloaded it at 517MB. Installation of all acts is about 16 minutes. Between this and Sleeping Dogs I am going to be busy for a while.

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Nitrowolf21837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

The Patch is not 9GB
It's only 498 MB

I'm confused though, I haven't played MGS4 for a while, so this muight be with other patches but why does it say 9GB? Might be just cause it's Japan region, but the box says 4-5GB

EDIT: NVM you answered it thanks

2pacalypsenow1836d ago

the 4-5 gb might be the size of one of the level because i think it deletes the previous one and install the next one, so you at least need 4-5 GB

CryofSilence1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

That picture is in Korean, not Japanese.

PirateThom1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

25 disagrees?

Do you people think a 9GB install, 4GB extra and never having to do it again, is bad?

Or do you think the patch is 9GB and didn't read the article?

BitbyDeath1837d ago

Probably just people that didn't read the article and thought 9gb was the download size.

At least that's what i thought after reading your comment before reading the article.

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remanutd551837d ago

is it available in NA yet?

supraking9511837d ago

are you sure about that? It releases August 6 in Japan which is today, didnt hear an official date for Europe and NA.

Batzi1837d ago

Actually no I am not sure but Konami stated it is coming "early August" to North America, and early August is now so..maybe Tuesday?

crawling1821836d ago

Was that confirmed for NA? I've only seen early(?) August.

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2pacalypsenow1836d ago

the 6th hopefully by midnight

Batzi1836d ago

Apparently it was confirmed for a midnight so the 6th it is. I read it earlier. Unless midnight(tuesday) which is 26 hours from now(Eastern Time)

GTRrocker6661837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Sweet. I'm doing a hard playthrough of deus ex right now. I might have to put that on hold for when the trophy patch is live in the USA

GTRrocker6661837d ago

I am. I am going for the pacifist and foxiest of hounds trophies

0pie1837d ago

f i dl the patch i guess the trophy list will be in japenese ??

PirateThom1837d ago

If you have a Japanese version of the game, yes.

It depends on the game region, if your game's region hasn't been made available yet, you won't have the patch yet.

0pie1837d ago

hummm so if i log to the japenese psn it will not update my game?
damn it!