Have you noticed the ads in Paradise?

IGA, one of the biggest in-game advertising agencies has been working with a wide range of leading brands including BURGER KING, Diesel, Gillette,, Sling Media, Vizio, JL Audio and others to incorporate static ads, including billboards, retail stores, radio stations and vehicles into Burnout Paradise.

What Wonderwallweb want to know is have you noticed these Ads and if so have they affected the gameplay for you in anyway?

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sehnsucht3769d ago

Yeah...I noticed. Already use Burger King, Gilette, and Vizio, but seeing their ads ingame annoys me. Makes me want to NOT buy their product since now, if I do, they think it's working (assuming they even know I saw the ad).

predator3769d ago

When i crashed into the Gillette van i found myself wanting a shave......

resistance1003769d ago

Didn't bother me at all, didn't affect the game in anyway so who cares about them. If they help to fund the games development they are only a good thing

ravinash3769d ago

If it looks like a natural part of the environment then why not.
Driving through the city you expect to see ad so nothing will look out of the ordinary.
It would piss me off if i was playing Crysis or Uncharted and I kept running across coca cola signs in the middle of the jungle.

Bubble Buddy3768d ago

lmfao ravinash, that was jokes, buuble for u.

btkadams3769d ago

the ads didnt really take away from the game for me. when u drive around a real city you do see billboards with brands on them as well as vans and buses and stuff with brands painted on the side. as long as its not distracting or too blatantly obvious. maybe it would be too much if dj atomika said something like "drive southeast to the burgerking in under 2 minutes". IMO ingame advertising can be lame, but this game doesnt really excessively shove it in ur face.

Ashta3769d ago

I like the real life ads instead of the fake make believe ads that some people put in games. Sure, the fake ones are funny most of the time, but I don't mind be reminded that I need to go and buy a delicious Double Whopper with a side of onion rings and a large soda.


athlon7703769d ago

For this type of game, seeing real world advertising just brings the realism up a notch. You are driving around a city, do you not expect to see some type of advertising, well, why not put a BK sign up, or words Yellow Book painted on the side of a big yellow bus? For me it does not distract from the game at all, but by the same token, I don't want it to the point that every time I turn a corner, there is another advertisment.

From the limited exposure to the game I have seen, the designers did a bang up job putting these real world advertisments in game. Some are obvious, some are not, but I consider it to add that real world depth to the game.

koneesha13769d ago

I think its coll when they use real ads in subtle ways.

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The story is too old to be commented.