The worst voice acting you'll ever hear on a PlayStation console writes:

"Still, the videogames industry has played host to some right stinkers in terms of voice acting, and it’s these audio atrocities we’ve decided to ‘honour’ in our latest feature. Bad acting isn’t just negated to Sony platforms of course, but hey, we’re a PlayStation site, so what did you expect? With that said, sit back and join us now as we show you the worst voice acting you’ll ever here on a Sony format."

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iamnsuperman1936d ago

I dunno about them but Socom Special Forces (UK voices) were god awful. The team sounded awful.

PoSTedUP1936d ago

they sounded like mercenaries from the UK...

and SO3:TTEOT had some pretty bad voice acting too.

Hellsvacancy1936d ago

Sonic Adventure for sure, my 4 year old daughter has it on (she is now) so i tend to hear a lot of it, it is very bad

Heavy Rain? not so sure about that, i dont mind Jaydens voice personally

Ser1936d ago

Oh, man...Sonic Adventure's voice acting is something else. lol

I agree on Jayden's voice. I appreciate his "Nahman" accent.

deno1936d ago

The good old days. I remember all that wonderful resident evil voice acting.

Xperia_ion1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I would hate to play Resident Evil with no voice acting, it gave its charm.

GTRrocker6661936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I remember when I was playing resident evil 2 back in the day. My friend Paul and Chris were over and they both had n64 and they would bust my balls so hard about how bad the voice acting was. They were literally laughing histarically during the scene when Leon goes into the gun shop and that guy pulls a gun on him. "Don't shoot, I'm a human!". HA I loved it though.

Xperia_ion1936d ago

You know what gets me, "Where's Barry ?", " I don't know he is probably...." *Jill gasp*

1936d ago
Ron_Danger1936d ago

My favorites: "What is this!? Wow! What a mansion!"
"Hope this is not Chris' blood"
And the famous "You were almost a Jill sandwich!"

ChocolateGiddyUp1936d ago

"STOP...don't open...that door!"

Patrick1936d ago

"Jill, heres the lockpick, it might be handy if you "the Master of unlocking" take it with you. "
lol.. I love the older resident evils.

Pozzle1936d ago

One of my favorite scenes was one of the endings with the live-action actors...

It's just so awkward!

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Baka-akaB1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

FFX and star Ocean ? Did that guy even play jrpgs ? Someone has never touched games like Shining Force Neo on ps2 . Horrible on all accounts already , then comes the awful english voices

And that's only one of countless badly dubbed jrpgs of the era

ToZanarkand861936d ago

FFX had awesome voice acting!

SpaceFox1936d ago

This, honestly the only bad part of its voice acting was the one laughing scene. But even that was bad on purpose, the goal was for it to sound forced. They did that pretty well.

I just fell in love with the characters and I dont think I would have without the voice acting.

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