Latest NPD Report Shows Blu-ray Sales Were No Trend

EngadgetHD writes:

"Many were quick to claim that HD DVD was dead when the NPD group's numbers showed Blu-ray players had a 93 percent share the week after Warner's announcement. While those numbers were staggering, those with a level head wanted to wait to see if the blue camp could keep it up, and now according to the same firm, it did not."

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Lucreto3853d ago

I wonder is this the price cut taking effect

Darkiewonder3853d ago

Blu-camp will see this as an attack and will go out and buy buy buy. while Red camp will do the same so the ratio is even.

LOL. i'm sitting on the side and let them do damage.

mikeslemonade3853d ago

This because all the hardcore who were hyped about the news bought blu-ray on January 4th when the annoucement was made. Warner doesn't jump ship from HD-DVD until March. Everything else is hype that has happened so far. If HD-DVD supporters say this is a blu-ray's early death then you're wrong.

rawg3853d ago

Warner's contract with HDDVD doesn't expire until the end of May

barom3853d ago

isn't this still quite a win for blu-ray? I mean they're not counting consoles or the add-on (I assume). But wasn't the ratio of players used to be 2:1 to HD DVD before christmas?

pharmd3853d ago

are they not considering the amount of new releases? I would say the trend is going to differ based on the releases weekly, granted some will be out there to upgrade their stock of movies but if nothing good is coming our by respective studios (i.e. bluray or hddvd exclusives) then the sales will show that, its common sense.

just bloodmask hatin on blu ray again!

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leon763853d ago

Ahahahahaha...nice try!

crck3853d ago

I hope those 34% know what they are buying into.

actas1233853d ago

Since this doesn't consider PS3 into the equation, u gotta take notice that those numbers of HD players are very small.

solidt123853d ago

Im not sure if HD-DVD supports still have faith in HD-DVD but I could be wrong and that could be what caused the % of HD-DVD to rise again. Or it could be that there were no good Blu-rays that week and HD-DVD had a good release.

WilliamRLBaker3853d ago

I own neither format and never will DVD works fine for me.

ravinash3853d ago

ya don't know what your missing.

tordavis3853d ago

He's not missing much. While HD DOES look better, it's not the same difference as it was when we went from VHS --> DVD. Upconverted DVD's look fine and it's not worth investing in the high price of HD format discs just to get a slightly sharper image.

AceLuby3853d ago

When in < 5 yrs movies aren't made on DVD anymore...

And if you don't believe me, just look at VHS -> DVD. VERY similar things are already happening...

bosels113853d ago

sure dont know what your missing.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3853d ago

HD is definitely noticeable, but while playing a game, you don't really stop to look at how nice the game actually looks.

ThatArtGuy3853d ago

There is a noticable difference in visuals. However, the biggest difference is in the sounds. Dolby Digital doesn't hold a candle to totally uncompressed sound. The difference is night and day.

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