Uncharted 3 free with PS3, Just Dance 3 free with Wii at Target this week

XMNR: Target is offering a free game with both the Playstation 3 and Wii as part of its game deals for the week of August 5, 2012. The retailer is also offering a $15 gift card when you pre-order upcoming titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Assassin's Creed III, Madden NFL 12 or Just Dance 4 when you purchase any game $39.99 and up in-store.

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chasegarcia2026d ago

I am soo getting the Wii with just dance. I can't wait to do some dance moves.

HammadTheBeast2026d ago

I dont understand people who can play Dance games.

BitbyDeath2026d ago

I'd imagine they're just made for teen girls.
I doubt many guys would play them.

Chris5582026d ago

Y i have been waiting for this all my life finally i can get a free copy of that flawless game

ChunkyLover532026d ago

They need to just drop the Wii's price to $99 already. They could easily reach 100 million units sold by doing that. The Gamecube had quite the resurgence when it dropped to $99.

HammadTheBeast2026d ago

I bought it at 129.99. A price drop would benefit it, but not by a whole lot like the Gamecube,
this far into its life, withe Wii U in the horizon.

ChunkyLover532026d ago

It will still be a viable option for families and casuals who would be tempted to buy one on impulse at that price.

I agree, the market is saturated for the most part, pretty much for all the current consoles, but at $99, even the haters would consider picking one up to play some of the great games they might have otherwise missed out on.

I bought one at launch for my brother, camped out to get it for him as a Christmas gift, and I bought myself one a year or so ago when it went down to $149 with Mario Kart bundled in.

DarkHeroZX2026d ago


hater or not it'd only make more sense just to buy a wii u and have full BC and access to the wii u library. Either that or there's and emulator called dolphin and you can get a wireless sensor bar and wiimote for $19