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Submitted by Tortilla 1282d ago | opinion piece

Which games have most let you down?

Game developers are an ambitious bunch, constantly looking for ways to innovate and advance gameplay. They want to create games that you can interact with in as much depth as real life, games that offer as many possible choices and outcomes as life itself, they want to give players more ways of solving problems than the usual trigger-twitching one. All of which is very admirable, but sometimes their reach exceeds their grasp... (Fallout: New Vegas, Heavy Rain , L.A. Noire, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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prototypeknuckles  +   1282d ago
brutal legend
JsonHenry  +   1282d ago
Command and Conquer 4.. no words can describe how angry I was about this game.
PoSTedUP  +   1282d ago
modnation racers road trip on the vita bc of no versus online. vice city stories on the vita bc the frame rate drops every 5 seconds, two games i paid for that were unplayable imo. im about to return modracers, but idk maybe i am overracting. but i AM a huge online gamer, i just bought virtua tennis4 and play it online a lot. i neeeedd onlineee. : (
kickerz  +   1282d ago
Totally agree with u jasonhenry.. Me and my online buddy put so many hours into C&C 3 tiberium wars.. Was so so so fun. I was scrin pro he was GDI pro. I did do the Mastermind- mother ship trick a bit but was hilarious when it worked. Both of us got into the top 100 online leader boards ..
When we both got C&C 4 we were so pumped to do it all again, then after playing a few times we both realized it sucked.. Wasn't fun, couldn't build a base 0_o waste of money..
SilentNegotiator  +   1282d ago
Dark Souls. It wasn't "bad", but they reused so many sequences from Demon's Souls.
Spydiggity  +   1282d ago
Bioshock 2, Gears of War 2 (Multiplayer -- 3 made up for it), La Noire
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Getowned  +   1282d ago
- Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2
- Haze
- Dragon Age 2
- The cancelation of SWBF3(idk if it counts but its cancelation was my biggest let down this gen)
-Twisted Metal PS3 (went mainstream)
- Driver (WTH,where they thinking with that car shifting thing)
- Duke Nukem Forever (WHY!!!, lost its roots, should of remade it and started from scratch, it had potential but it just sucked)

looking at my list, this gen raped my ps1 childhood ;`[
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pixelsword  +   1281d ago
The journalists code:

1. put up a flame-worthy title

2. post a PS3 game in the pic

3. wait for the hits.


Games can't let you down if you don't put too much stock in them; aim low, and you can only be pleased, even if a little bit.
JoySticksFTW  +   1281d ago
This articles flat out lies
This is what is written about Heavy Rain"

"A game that captures all the thrills of toothbrushing and grocery shopping, adds a few setpieces shamelessly derived from recent movies, demands ten hours of almost comedically mild joystick movements and button pushes, and offers a choice of endings that all have the same key element, scuppering any replay value."

Uh, endings that all have the same key element, "scuppering" replay value? Wha?

Somebody didn't play the game, or else the author would know that every main character can die or be compromised and might not make it to the end, drastically changing the ongoing story as well as the ending.

Main characters can die and the story changes as they are no longer part of that play through.

And it's not just deaths that alter the story as it progresses. Relationships can form between characters changing the story, affecting that particular playthrough.

Lying article, you got caught

I see GribbleGrunger below beat me in pointing out the lies in this bogus article. Well done
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showtimefolks  +   1282d ago
alpha protocol
fallout new vegas

alpha protocol was delayed for over 6 months to give obsidian more time yet the game was still crappy and they are the same devs who did new vegas and we all know about game breaking bugs.glitches

the only thing i didn't like about heavy rain was how no matter what the killer was the same otherwise it was a great game and it sold over 2 million so i am glad it was success all around
roadkillers  +   1282d ago
It wouldn't make sense to change the killer on choices. The thing I didn't understand was my ending...


I drank the poison to find my son, I didn't end up finding him. At the end of the game I seen Ethan and his son reunite. Now I'm assuming that it wasn't poison, but that was very confusing.
da_2pacalypse  +   1282d ago
I really enjoyed Both Alpha protocol and Fallout New Vegas. I really don't understand the hate for the games. Sure they're a little buggy, but if you look past that, they're awesome games.

PS. How does Diablo3 and Mass Effect 3 not make this list? these two games are the king of disappointments.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1282d ago
Alan Wake
Brutal Legend
Final Fantasy XIII
Too Human
Command and Conquer
Heavy Rain
Ratchet and Clank All 4 One
Resident Evil 5
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Boody-Bandit  +   1282d ago
Alan Wake

They were all good but I was expecting them to be exceptional.
mynameisEvil  +   1282d ago
ACtually, it wasn't delayed for 6 months to give Obsidian more time. Development was on hold for six months. I wish people would get their facts straight.

That was the entire development of Alpha Protocol. On/off and when it finally released, SEGA denied Obsidian the ability to release patches.

As for New Vegas, people really annoy me when they bash it. I played both F3 and NV at launch and they were pretty much just as buggy. And Fallout 3 was being developed for 5 years. Obsidian had less than two.

I just think people don't give Obsidian enough credit...
SlapHappyJesus  +   1282d ago
It's as mynameisEvil said

Obsidian isn't given enough credit. They do far more with their often limited development times than most any developer would be able to manage, and most issues seen in their games are simply reflective of the restrictions they are put under.

As far as New Vegas goes, all I see is improvement over Fallout 3. Opinions are just that though - opinions.
achmetha  +   1281d ago
RAGE and Enslaved.

Rage was way shorter than I expected.. and Enslaved became more of a chore after awhile. Both games looked awesome and Enslaved's story was interesting, but I dunno...just wish there was more substance I guess.
Computersaysno  +   1282d ago
Alan Wake. It was shown in 2005 and ended up in development for 6 years. Long delayed, PC less, average jog a thon through murky boring forests. PC version came out 2 years later but the premise was long before watered down for 360.

Huge disappointment from Remedy whose games beforehand were brilliant.
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Kran  +   1282d ago
It shouldn't matter how long a game was in development for unless it's being thrown from dev to dev (like DNF was).

This was the first Alan Wake game, so as far as Remedy is concerned, its up to them what's in the final game.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1282d ago
:( Alan Wake was open world!
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Hellsvacancy  +   1282d ago
L.A Noire and Rage
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victoryscreeeeeech  +   1282d ago
L.a. noire didn't dissappoint me. It was a good game.
KaBaW  +   1282d ago
I'd agree with Hellsvacancy, in that L.A. Noire was a bit .. bland, at times.
Besides the occasional crime scene, there was almost nothing to do in the city.
It was a huge city, had lots of promise. However, the story and all was excellent.
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morganfell  +   1282d ago
LA Noire was excellent in places. Some of the design was groundbreaking with certain and memorable varied elements that made it more than a shooter.

But I said it was merely "in places". Overall the game provided the classic Naked City experience in a city that was for the most part, lifeless and soulless. The interrogations were erratic, and the cases, though different crimes all managed to feel the same. Anyone that has ever watched movies like The Big Sleep can see the contrast.

Also Cole Phelps could really use an effing sense of humor.

I have all the DLC and the good thing is it completely integrates into the main story. The downside is that when played in such a manner the sheer amount of drudgery is mind numbing.

Another frustrating design flaw is the number of chases where the player can actually intercept the target before a predetermined point is actually quite small. Nothing boggles the mind like catching up to the perpetrator only to see his Edsel emulate the Batmobile, ignite the afterburner, and then conduct a series of maneuvers that defy the laws of physics as well as those of gravity and believability.

As regards the overall article I look up at the main N4G page and see Enslaved in another story and can easily say that manage digital trickery because it was meant for this article whereas Heavy Rain was not. Unlike LA Noire, Heavy Rain's innovation, story, and sheer unique gameplay overwhelm it's less than perfect parts.
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dboyc310  +   1282d ago
Uncharted 3. I tried my best to love it being an uncharted fan but i just couldnt. It actually gutted seeing how i wasnt able to love it like i did with 2among thieves. Hopefully they make another that can top Among Thieves or exceed it. Let's say I only played through the full campaign once and never went back unless i played parts of the game that I liked.
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BrianC6234  +   1282d ago
I guess when you make a great game like Uncharted 2 it's hard to beat it. I liked Uncharted 3 though.
one2thr  +   1282d ago
@Dboy, to be fair I remember there being an article about Naughty Dog having a second team that worked more on it than their original team members, and that the original team members were secretly working on "The Last of Us", before the world knew that those random scenary pictures that sprouted out of nowhere were actually from Naughty Dog themselves... and by that bein the case, I believe they could have did better than UC2 if the ENTIRE Naught Dog team were focused on it... but "The Last of Us" looks so promising :)
MysticStrummer  +   1282d ago
If we're just talking this gen...

1. Dead Island
2. Brink
3. Assassin's Creed
4. Rage
5. LA Noire

3,4, and 5 are interchangeable... more of a tie for 3rd I guess. Dead Island is first because I'm a huge fan of anything zombie related and the game wasn't much like the trailer, besides being the buggiest game I've ever played in my life. Brink seemed like a great concept and fell totally flat for me. AC, Rage, and LA Noire were all repetitive and boring. Just my opinion.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1282d ago
Agreed with Dead Island, Brink, and Rage. I would also add in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City cause that game had a 4 hour story that really was no story except get from point A to B.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1282d ago

brutal legend


resident evil 5

saints row the third

in my personal opinion.
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Mainsqueeze  +   1282d ago
I seriously doubt you even liked halo in the first place, or were even excited for it to come out seeing as your a pretty big ps fanboy. And The other 3 i can agree with.
delosisland  +   1282d ago
Yeah I call bullshit. You probably played halo once. Didn't even try multiplayer. U r a giant fanboy so bullshit...and agreeing with this other guy- Bioshock?? Wtf?
ziggurcat  +   1282d ago
bioshock? really?
Brosy  +   1282d ago
I highly doubt he even has a xbox. As much sony nutlicking he does on this website. Troll failed.
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Septic  +   1281d ago
Lol! Glad I'm not the only one who clocked your fanboyish ways. Halo? Which one?! Oh it doesn't matter, you've never even played any of them.

How has this guy got 4 bubbles?! Lol N4G, gotta love it.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1282d ago
My list:
2.Heavy Rain
3.Socom (all the PS3 ones)
4.Fable 3
5.Splinter Cell Conviction
7.Metal Gear 2-Recent
achmetha  +   1281d ago
I agree with Haze, Socom, and Fable 3.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1282d ago
Prototype 2 was an improvement over Prototype but the story was meh still IMO.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1282d ago
Killzone 3 is my biggest let down by far! I cannot express my hate for that game without typing a wall of text. I really hope KZ4 is more like KZ2 and NOTHING like KZ3!
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one2thr  +   1282d ago
I actually liked KZ3, it was like a "mind f*ck" that was needed to keep things going, but the game did kind of fail at its main purpose and that was; To have the players, feel the emotions of being stuck on a planet far away from home, where EVERYONE, and EVERYTHING on it, hates you, and wants to kill you!... That right there alone was the main, of many reasons way I bought it... and also to keep up with the KZ game series...
doogiebear  +   1282d ago
Saints Row 3 was very dissapointing sequal compared to Saints 2. I like funny and quirky, but being a corporate "gangster" who makes appointments for manicures while doing drive bys is not my idea of a criminal. Plus the octopus gun and outer space stuff is just over the top childish. Finally they removed the aawesome customization of Saints Row 2 and SR3 is only 12 hours then there is little reason to go back. I know it sold 4 million copy's, but I think that was because people expected a great game (like SR2). SR 3 was "fun", but in a dumbass ren and stimpy slapstick kind of way that didnt stay fun for long once u beat it.

Hope SR4 can be more like SR2
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Tortilla  +   1282d ago
First Assassin's Creed for me too
christheredhead  +   1282d ago
The first Assassins Creed was definitely one of the most boring and mundane games I've ever played. The series is amazing, but I never would have guessed that from playing the first. It was just so overly the top repetitive.
victoryscreeeeeech  +   1282d ago
I guess for me, I didn't feel it being repetitive. I knew the missions were repetitive, but I guess I had fun playing that game I just didn't feel that.I guess I enjoyed playing the same missions over and over and over and over and over etc.
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rpd123  +   1282d ago
Yeah I didn't really feel it was all that repetitive until I replayed it. I think it's because I massive amounts of time screwing around in different cities between missions. If you play all the missions straight through, then yeah it'd get old quick.
prototypeknuckles  +   1282d ago
oh almost forgot about this one, so repetetive and still gets 5/5 scores thetas BS
GribbleGrunger  +   1282d ago
I find this comment odd about HeavyRain:

'and offers a choice of endings that all have the same key element, scuppering any replay value.'

How the flying foook would he know that if he didn't finish it multiple times... It certainly didn't 'scupper' the replay value for him then did it. And very clearly he has NEVER played this game because he assumes that only the ending is different when in fact there are multiple branches throughout the entire game. This article is good old fashioned BOLLOCKS
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00000000000000000001  +   1282d ago
I also hated HeavyRain, could not stand to play it again. Being in a crowded mall was enough for me to want to threw the game against the wall!
kneon  +   1282d ago
That right there is an example of what made this game great. You were supposed to be frustrated and annoyed by the crowds getting in the way of you trying to find your kid.
GribbleGrunger  +   1282d ago
lol. Yeah, it's really odd how some people miss the point.
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1282d ago

Your so right, i hated the crowded mall. I would've liked the game OR have at least given it a chance if that damn mall was completely deserted.

Irishguy95  +   1282d ago
Obviously it's not for everyone, it was never going to be.
TheMasterShake  +   1282d ago
Uncharted 3, played through UC2's campaign numerous times, played the online for months. UC3 is honestly a very gimped game trying to appease to casuals. the campaign wasn't as good as UC2 hell it wasn't even as long as UC2. the online operates like a third person COD. what else is there to say, it was okay game but disappointing.
Jazz4108  +   1282d ago
Im still trying to finish uncharted3 and i agree its a very watered down game and i picked it up excited at a midnight launch.
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Derek-Flint   1282d ago | Spam
Lord_Sloth  +   1282d ago
I find your inclusion of Heavy Rain most perplexing...And stupid. Heavy Rain was a game that really drew me in. Especially knowing that my characters could die and I would have to continue the story without them.

Heavy Rain is 1 of the most immersive (dunno if that's a word) titles I've ever played in my life-time! I lost my favorite character throughout the storyline and was deeply saddened by my failure to save him. The game was just plain amazing!

You also say that Vanquish is like Halo meets Gears...I find this confusing as well since the suit is the only similarity with Halo and in Halo it's just armor, in Vanquish it's actually improving his ability.

If you wanna get nit-picky about the space station being the similarity, it made me think of Gundam Colonies rather than Halo's Halo station.
Reiko  +   1282d ago
Funny, I COMLPETELY agree with Heavy Rain! I thought it was dire and massively over-rated.Sure it looked nice but it was sooooo tedious. And Vanquish was awesome. Don't agree with that being on the list!!!
hennessey86  +   1282d ago
I still play it to this day
But GT5 was a huge let down in my eyes, 5 years for an unfinished game. It was the reason I bought a PS3, I hope PD deliver with GT6
Nexgensensation  +   1282d ago
gt5 was the biggest let down of the franchise for me, especially after gt4. i also hope gt6 will deliver. I can tell u based on my experience on the game that 600+ cars is great. If being a real simulator is the main reason why you cant deliver real life physics? then this game needs to be an arcade racer... I wanna damage my when crash in the game, also flipped and totaled. and most importantly i wanna change the cosmetic look of my car by equipping car body parts.
Knushwood Butt  +   1282d ago
There's so much to GT5 it's amazing, but it's not perfect either.

One thing that really annoys me is that whenever you get into trouble your car just does a 180 degree spin, leaving you facing the opposite direction to the way you are supposed to be going, EVERY TIME NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. That's really lame.

Then, if you're unlucky, if you actually bother trying to recover another CPU car will come along and knock you 360 degrees around, so that you'll still be facing the opposite direction to the way you are supposed to be going.

Still love the game though.
SnakeCQC  +   1282d ago
FAIL ARTICLE for heavy rain
JBSleek  +   1282d ago
Heavy Rain
AC 1
Dragon Age 2
RE 5
FoxHound_  +   1282d ago
You were expecting mw3 to be good?
Old McGroin  +   1282d ago
God Of War
Uncharted 3
Gears of War 3
j-blaze  +   1282d ago
I totally agree with uncharted 3 it was the worst game I played last year! I'll add :
Killzone 1and 2
Blastoise  +   1282d ago
Dude, you never played Uncharted 3 did you?

All it takes is a quick look at your comment history to realise you're a Sony hater/Nintendo Lover.

Fair enough if you were disappointed with it, we all have opinions. But you must have played some damn amazing games all last year for it to be the worst game you played -_-'
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DemonsSoulsUK  +   1282d ago
lol I bet you never even played Uncharted 3 or Killzone 1 and 2 for that matter.
Would like to hear these games you played which were better than U3 last year. I'm guessing they would be none SONY games.
DigitalRaptor  +   1282d ago
Our resident Naughty Dog, Sony, anything-that-doesn't-come -from-Japan hater is back after a 44 day absence.

Honestly j-blaze, I'm really looking forward to the return of your comments. I have always found them ridiculously amusing.

My eyes will be firmly on the channel of 'The Last of Us' to watch your bitter, misguided hate rantings for anything Naughty Dog or Sony. Good luck champ! And don't forget to mention "RE6 > TLOU". Nah, of course you won't! ;)
#11.1.3 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report
indubitably  +   1282d ago
I can kinda agree on God of war, so many people talked it up and it felt like a very shallow hack and slash (I don't play games for the graphics)

Uncharted, thats up to you I guess.

Gears 3 really impressed me because it is the first game in the series I did more than just the campaign. Horde 2.0 is great
Blastoise  +   1282d ago
Final fantasy XIII
Castlevania lords of shadow
Super smash bro's brawl
Halo Reach
and to an extent Xenoblade Chronicles
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DemonsSoulsUK  +   1282d ago
All completely overrated games despite what the fanboys say.
ape007  +   1282d ago
remember it's all "in your opinion"
#12.1.1 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   1282d ago
It's not always easy to tell an honest opinion from a fanboy's praise or trolling.

Despite the fact that I loved Heavy Rain, I can see why some people wouldn't, so I don't think it's inclusion on this list is a "fail" as some claim above. One person's honest opinion is no more valid than another's, when speaking about "fun".

I can see someone not liking the Uncharted series too. If everyone loved the same gameplay, there wouldn't be much variety to games. What I don't get is when a person says they loved UC2 and hated UC3. There are differences between the two, and I'd say UC2 is better overall, but the differences aren't so great that they justify a complete change of heart.

SOCOM is a slightly different story. The differences between the originals and the PS3 versions are pretty significant, especially with S4, but I've played and enjoyed them all so I don't like it when people declare S4 to be "trash". It's different, that's all.

End of coffee and Amp fueled mini-rant.

Peace and good gaming to all.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1282d ago
You're going to get a lot of disagrees for that list but I agree with all of those being disappointing to some degree.
#12.2 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
CLOUD1983  +   1282d ago
The moment u mention Xenoblade u burn your self that was one of best games I play this generation & by far the best JRPG of the last decade.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1282d ago
The voice acting was diabolical and the characters uninteresting. The best JRPG in the last decade? It is far from it my friend. Lost Odyssey was a much better game for example, not to mention the many amazing JRPGs we got during the PS2 era. Persona series? Dragon quest VIII? FFXII?
#12.3.1 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report
Blastoise  +   1282d ago
It's because of people like you I was disappointed with it when I finally played it. I played it expecting this 10/10 JRPG masterpiece, and it just wasn't that good. Best JRPG of the decade? Rogue galaxy, Final fantasy 10, Dark chronicle, Pokemon Black and White, tales of vesperia, lost odyssey, Valkyria chronicles, Demons souls/Dark souls. All much much better games.
#12.3.2 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report
Hicken  +   1282d ago
Not saying Xenoblade is bad, but you're saying it's "by far" better than P3/4, Valkyria Chronicles, Lost Odyssey, the Mana Khemia and Atelier franchises, three Disgaea games, Dragon Quest VIII, ~4 Tales games, the Digital Devil Sagas, .hack, Kingdom Hearts, and plenty of others?
Bob Dole  +   1282d ago
Diablo 3.
Ramas  +   1282d ago
AMY ON PSN i so wanted my money back, but sony refused.
Kran  +   1282d ago
So its up to Sony and not the ACTUAL publisher now is it?
sprinterboy  +   1282d ago
Gta, oblivion and max payne for me were disapointing
slimemaster   1282d ago | Spam
Sizzon  +   1282d ago
Diablo 3...
Xperia_ion  +   1282d ago
Heavy Rain is epic to me, love it please!!! I want more games like that being made, make me care about characters and not score numbers.
Summons75  +   1282d ago
Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, Fall Out: New Vegas, Kingdoms of Amalur
vickers500  +   1282d ago
Why Kingdoms of Amalur? Got this game recently for $15 bucks and have been playing it for about 2 weeks and have been having a lot of fun with it.

It's not perfect and has a few problems, but for the most part, it's a pretty damned good game.

What were you expecting from it?
Summons75  +   1282d ago
It has a lot of potential but when I got the game the world just didn't seem alive to me.
vickers500  +   1282d ago
Oh. I really like the world so far. The beginning fall themed environments I didn't like so much, but once you get out of that particular area, there are some very beautifully designed and varied environments.

The other aspects of the world (ai encounters, enemies, loot, findable items) seem fine to me though. There's tons of treasure to find (especially if you have the detect hidden skill up to like 3 or 4), there's lorestones to find, which are cool because they're actually worth searching for since they give a permanent stat bonus to you, there's npcs with side missions, there's unique items to be found.

In terms of people I'd have to agree though. The npcs don't feel believable as characters that actually belong to the world, rather they feel like tools for you to help you on your journey, but even so, that doesn't ruin the game for me.
ape007  +   1282d ago
halo 3 single player
theWB27  +   1282d ago
All COD and battlefield this gen. I only beat Modern Warfare 1 and Battlefield 3 and the whole time kept thinking i couldn't wait for this to be over with. I recently downloaded the demos for black ops and mw cause i thought i was being a douche about it...nope i just don't like them. Meh....

Oh and MAFIA was a Huge letdown....hhhhuuuuugggggeeee!
stonecold3  +   1282d ago
street fighter 4 and gta4 duke nukem
SageHonor  +   1282d ago
Mass Effect 3, RAGE, Killzone 3
Kos-Mos  +   1282d ago
Skyrim and that sorry excuse for a game gta iv.
ape007  +   1282d ago
i bet you are too casual to get used to gta iv's control, once u get your head around the driving control, it's one of the greatest games ever, i still play it to this day and still be shocked by how everything is detailed
GTRrocker666  +   1282d ago
The story was lackluster at best for a GTA title and there was nothing to do besides the story. I saw that game as a good police chase/shootouts simulator with a forgettable story and main character. Also the on foot gameplay was clunky.

I did enjoy the story for lost and the damned though. I am a huge sons of anarchy fan so I liked the mc storyline. I started TBOGT but lost interest after a few missions. I need to pick that up again and finish it.
#24.1.1 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report
TheFinalEpisode  +   1282d ago
So just cause he didn't like a game you consider him casual? Who says he didn't like the game because he found it hard or even because of the gameplay? GTA 4 has a really standard control scheme and is really easy. So I don't even know where you got the idea that he didn't like the game cause he's too casual...
#24.1.2 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report
Captain Qwark 9  +   1282d ago
could be becuase the story was beat and for as detailed as it was, why does the character still act broke after he robbed a bank. about the fact that they made the game more casual, every gta up to that point built upon the previous entry added a whole new list of things to do, in gta4, all you could do is the story

nop more customizing your characters looks, no more bicycles, no airplanes, you could only get a few propertiess, no gaining territories, no customizing cars, removed all stats, etc....the list goes on.

they took away all the elements that made it deep and made it accesible and casual. if anything, your sir, are the casual gamer
ape007  +   1282d ago
@GTRrocker666, man with all due respect Niko Bellic is the best gta character to ever, even rockstar themselves showed no hesitation of showing him in the very first trailer of the game, the were confident that it's going to be a great character, all gta characters are awesome but imo i find niko the best
Imalwaysright  +   1282d ago
Niko better than Vercetti or CJ? You must like depressing characters with 0 personality.
ape007  +   1282d ago
"depressing characters with 0 personality"

What are u talking about ???
Chris558  +   1281d ago
Lol really Niko sucked balls hell even my character in dragons dogma has better character
NIRVANArazor  +   1282d ago
CJ sucked as a protag.
N311V  +   1282d ago
LA Nior,
Dues Ex,
Assassin's Creed,
Infamous I & II,
Ico & Shadow of the Colosus HD,
Dante's Inferno,
and Bioshock.
r21  +   1282d ago
disgaea 3 no offense but it felt like a ps2 port :L
GTRrocker666  +   1282d ago
Lost planet 2. I played both demos and loved it. Then when I got my pre order copy I was so dissapointed. The best part of the game was the demo part. The boss battles and mech parts were good but the rest of the game was crap .

Not to mention there was no storyline whatsoever. Completely lazy game making if you ask me. There was so much potential for a good storyline with the planet they were on with all those crazy giant insects to have great scenes with characters. But that game had neither: a story or characters. WTF
#27 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
indubitably  +   1282d ago
I was so impressed with the demo, glad I never bought it lol
CLOUD1983  +   1282d ago
The biggest let down was by far Diablo 3 I cant believe that I w8 for a decade for this garbage...

But D3 was not the only disappointment for me, for the past 10 years I get nothing more than one disappointment after another, all my once favorite franchises like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Silent Hill have turn to shit.

At least Kojima (MGS4) & Takahashi (Xenoblade) continue to create unforgettable experiences of triple-A quality I cant w8 to play Mikami's Zwei next.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1282d ago
looooong list here.....

this year......
kingdoms of amalur
dragons dogma
armored core 5
the amazing spiderman

in the past....( current gen )
halo reach
uncharted 2/3
gears of war 3
god of war 3
mass effect 2 ( compared to 1 otherwise still great )
dragon age 2
resident evil 5 ( compared to 4 but otherwise still a good game )
fallout 3
Skyrim ( worst offender since morrowind is my fav game of all time and oblivion is up there as well )

.....pretty much every overhyped sequel turns out meh for me. i stopped buying into all the hype and just buying what i though looked good and i still ended up with duds like kingdom and dogma.
#29 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
Captain Qwark 9  +   1282d ago
and befor everyone thinks i just hate games, here are some ones i loved.....

dark souls
the witcher 2
halo 3
mass effect 1 & 3
gears of war 2
dragon age origins
red dead redemption
lost oddessy
heavy rain
uncharted drakes fortune
ratchet and clank ftod
ratchet and clank crack in time
mod nation racers
armored core 4answer

the list is much longer than the dissapointments
#29.1 (Edited 1282d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
indubitably  +   1282d ago
I thought gears 3 was better than gears 2, not story wise, but everything else. everything else makes sense.
MrDead  +   1282d ago
Do the approvers read the articles before approving them?

This was awful
RandomDude655  +   1282d ago
They scan the headline for negativity.....and then automatically approve them.
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