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Top 10 Fallen Angels

Franchises that once soared high above the heavens now hide in the shadow of modern giants. (Bomberman, Duke Nukem, Final Fantasy, PC, PS3, Splinter Cell, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Franchises that once soared high above the heavens now hide in the shadow of modern giants.
Ranma1  +   774d ago
Final Fantasy should be ranked higher !

Its fallen a LOT !
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Irishguy95  +   774d ago
Type 0 is good. Crisis core was good. Dissidia was good. Man really one bad(ok Horrible) game ain't enough to ruin a series.
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Godmars290  +   774d ago
And once again its ignored that handheld titles aren't an issue - its the console games.

Maybe with the Andriod console they'll go back to 16bit graphic and sprite titles.
ShinMaster  +   774d ago
R&C: All 4 One is not even a bad game. Not as buggy as the narrator made it seem. And it's not even part of the main series. It's a spin off. Right before it, R&C: ACiT was an excellent game and so was ToD.
These are some of the better platformers this generation without a doubt. They got more depth than "some other" more popular platformers that rely solely on charm and popularity.

That is all.
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Irishguy95  +   774d ago
Rpgmonkey, come on FFXIII was an abomination. I wasn't even expecting much from FFXIII and it still disappointed me. But well..what do I know? I only played the first 20 hours

Also brawler, same to you about RE. RE isn't falling, its' just switching genre.

Edit---yeah Rpgmonkey, I should not have to play a full game to enjoy it, I put up with it for 20 hours kept saying

"I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, it'll get better later"

Then when I got to gran pulse, I realized...nothing had changed, it was now just open instead of closed. I realized I was torturing myself and I did have to play this garbage. Really dreadful video game.

Your argument is actually the worst i've heard too. "Yeah and unless you finished the game you have no right to bitch. Thank you for revealing your true colors "

Have you finished Skyrim? Have you done everything in it? No? Your opinion is invalid. I gave FFxiii many chances to impress me. It failed, it really is the worst game I have played in the last 5 years.
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Godmars290  +   774d ago
Honestly, how many times must it be repeated that mainline consoles are the issue? How many more times does someone trying to defend Square and JRPGs on handhelds present an example of willful ignorance.

Nevermind act like their opinion is the only valid one, especially when 13-2 sold less than 13, and 13 has so obviously divided the fan base.

FFS *facepalm*
Godmars290  +   774d ago
Bomberman was too much of a departure, with mindless over focus towards westerners, while Duke Nukem was too much of an underground series to be considered to be a "fallen angel."

FF's was probably foretold, it just happened sooner because Square stopped seeing it as a story and just a money maker.
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Brawler  +   774d ago
Resident Evil Is falling right now
Summons75  +   774d ago
This list just confirms my thought that Gametrailers has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
ChunkyLover53  +   774d ago
You know what would really show them? If you made your own site, then made your own list, then we'd get a chance to criticize your opinion! That'll show'em fo sho!
Skateboard  +   774d ago
If only it was that easy.
rataranian  +   774d ago
The number 1 fallen angel.... SQUARE ENIX.
prototypeknuckles  +   774d ago
1-take ratchet and clank off the list it only has 1 bad game.
2-final fantasy agreed.
3-bomberman agreed.
4-splinter cell to actiony.
5-duke nukem oh why.
6-prince of persia 08 and the sand trilogy and original games were really good and i love this series its my favorite after crash but this new reboot can bleep off.
7-oh why oh why my favorite series is now dead, ill always miss you crash.
8-tony hawk havnt played in years, cant really say.
9-silent hill, never played one cant say.
10-sonic actually is looking to be back on track especially after colors, and generations, if only crash could get back to the glory.
RockmanII7  +   774d ago
Mind you I didn't watch the video just read prototypeknuckles's list above me, but I find it odd how these lists lately seem to include Crash but not Spyro when both franchises pretty much have the same exact story/fate (3 good PS1 games, not counting Crash Racing, then mediocrity). Also I think Tony Hawk figured out how to fix its problems with THPSHD, I would have replaced it with Fable.

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