Best Wiimote modification Ever

Engadget has stumbled upon one of the best wiimote modifications ever created. That is, if you're a student.

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Lord Cheese3740d ago

you know what would be even cooler? Someone who's really short on cash engineering a cheap rumble pack for a sixaxis using a couple of duracells and some cornflakes! :O)

M_Prime3740d ago

LOL.. your a funny one but so true. I feel bad for all those people that dished out the money for the SIXAXIS because sony said that rumble is LAST GEN and now they gatta dish out more cash for the DUALSHOCK3.

but this is pretty cool in your like the whole ZAPPER thing, personally i'm more into the whole NO ZAPPER thing. i mean i am not crazy about having to move my whole body to aim, i like my pinpoint accuracy with my wrists.