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Morgan Park of ProvenGamer: A generous demo for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron was just released, offering two single-player missions and unlimited access to a chunk of the multiplayer. The game is very much a third-person shooter, and a pretty good one. If anything, it’s done its job of making me want to play the whole game later this month.

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ThatKanadianKid2086d ago

I was not impressed by the demo. It felt really generic, and the graphics, especially the explosions were lack luster. However, to a transformers fan, this game is their gold mine and it was pretty fun, even if generic. Might give it a rent just for the campaign.

Zha1tan2086d ago

I cant see how the game is in anyway generic.....

There hasnt been a game like this since the first one, infact its very different to the first game.

ThatKanadianKid2086d ago

It's not generic in the premise of the game, that's not what I meant. I just mean, the shooting and all, ahh idk haha, I just didn't really like it I guess. Didn't do enough to make me warrant it over another purchase like Darksiders II etc.

Zha1tan2085d ago

Still cant understand that sentiment to be fair, "its generic" but how is darksiders not generic? there are dozens of hack n slash titles like it out there.

I htink it may have been to hard for you ;) lol!

Bowzabub2086d ago

I agree. But I definitely liked the 80's feel to the characters and atmosphere. Guess I'm a fan.

Chris5582086d ago

Hell yea i tried multiplayer it was fun but this game looks like something I would rent for a week

Zha1tan2086d ago

I wouldnt even call this a demo, its more like a beta because the devs have said its not up to par in the visuals department and they are tweaking things as they go based on the communities feedback.

And graphics dont make a great game, first game I have played in ages were there is actually a skill gap and good players are rewarded fro having better movement and a better aim instead of who sees who first.

ZILLA2086d ago

Ive been playing the game since tuesday when it came out in PS store.the online is fast and fun.and the upgrades are gettin it day 1.

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