Tiscali stops all Sony PS3 owners playing Call of Duty 4 (COD4) Online

Its hard to know where to start with this issue, simply put Tiscali are stopping all Sony PS3 owners playing Call of Duty 4 Online at certain times (mostly the whole evening up to 12 midnight).

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kalistyles3792d ago

I haven't had any problems whatsoever.

ReconHope3792d ago

no idea what tiscali is.

Captain Tuttle3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

It's a broadband ISP.

Capt CHAOS3792d ago

They obviously realised that something was eating bandwidth.. Dopey as they are, maybe they thought it was some kind of a DOS attack?

dude_uk3792d ago

freeserve turned into orange

f7ss13792d ago

so this doesnt affect people who dont have tiscali?

Armyless3792d ago

I read throught the forums of complaints and game blackouts are complete interent outages.

No COD4, no Email, no internet.

Kleptic3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

this isn't any new thing with many ISPs...P2P networking is also something that has been in video games for a while as well...

Broadband internet providers were faced with the grim reality that a lot of younger adults were upgrading to a faster internet connection for things other than mundane browsing...a broadband ISP is hardly taxed by 1000's of users just surfing the web and checking email...while it is much faster for that stuff than an old dial up connection; to many that alone was not worth the hassle of the upgrade...

online gaming on the otherhand can run flawlessly with a good broadband connection...yet puts a exponentially higher amount of load on the ISPs bandwidth short, costing the provider a lot more money...all of a sudden you are using a lot more of what you pay for...being that its a business, a lot of ISPs were not exactly happy about that...

I remember issues like this with XBL and PC gaming on my first broadband connection when I first started college...broadband was fairly new to the area then, and I remember constant letters about imposing a 'bandwidth cap' if I continued to use my internet connection 'so much'...I switched to a different cable provider...and have been lucky ever since...

its good for competition though...sooner or later there will be multiple broadband connections available to everyone...and it will only take one of those several in each area to guarantee you with no caps...and any gamer will use that over the hidden fine print of a shadier ISP...

I didn't know this was still going on a wide scale like this...but apparently with a major ISP, it still is...if that is all you have access to, that sucks...but hopefully they will learn from people leaving...

also though..the article is somewhat vague on the matter...they attempt to point to it just being P2P network issues that get blocked, which means its not necessarily a bandwidth could be they simply know one area to decrease bandwidth usage (by blocking networking code that pertains basically only to file sharing and gaming) for certain prime parts of the day...and write it off as "normal daily maintenance"...leaving their advertising of "unlimited usage" still legal I guess...who knows...where I work, there is a commercial T1 connection for our servers distributing encrypted information between works similarly to a residential ISP, but they impose a lot of things under a "traffic shaping" clause, or else heavy cell-phone like payment increases occur...that forces us to only be using the brunt of the bandwidth at wierd ass times...such as overnight, or before 2pm on week days...makes DB backup a total pain...this could be what this ISP is trying, and apparently getting away with...hopefully it doesn't remain legal, as long as there isn't any fine print stating it was in effect before you started a contract with them...

ReconHope3792d ago

that was lazyness on my part for not reading the article fully.
sorry i erased my report. Wow that isp sucks. change you provider if service is like that.

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Vip3r3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I have Tiscali and I can't play on weekends or between 4pm and 12am weekdays. They also did the same with PSN during the Euro PS3 launch for a few months. It's not fake at all serenity.

PirateThom3792d ago

I had Tiscali when the PS3 came out and then had to release me from my contract.

Traffic shaping really needs to be made illegal.

solidt123792d ago

Thats BS. They need to increase their bandwidth not punish their customers. I would be looking for a new provider if I were you. There are rumors that Providers are going to start putting caps on bandwidth for online gaming and that is going to suck for all of us.

ravinash3792d ago

Dang....thats disgusting!
An ISP can't offer you a service and then say after your signed the contract your not allowed to do this, or this....
If their going to be in the business, they'll need to realize that this sort of data transfer is only going to grow as time goes on when more people get consoles and start using other services.

Well there your answer about downloadable Movies.

Dark_Overlord3792d ago

"An ISP can't offer you a service and then say after your signed the contract your not allowed to do this, or this.... "

Yes I agree, and so do OFCOM (regulatory watchdog on telecommunications in UK) they've actually stated to me (in a phone conversation) ISP's are not allowed to do this, its classed as breach of contract and also they said fair use policies should not be allowed as well. Last I heard from them was that they were going to start to do something about all these ISP's and their misleading/illegal services. Hopefully sooner rather than later

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monks3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

if this is true it would also affect 360 version

very miss leading and i thought most 360 games where run on the p2p system i could be wrong

but i play all online game on my ps3 because i am to tight to pay for xbox live lol

============================= =============================== =========
this is not a fanboy comment as i own both systems i am just sick of bad and miss leading reporting

Vip3r3792d ago

Or maybe the PS3 and 360 versions use different ports to which the PS3 one could very well be blocked at peak times? No?

monks3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

that maybe true but then in the modern world i expect journalists to check the facts and find out why investigate the issue

ask questions

but if it was a basic port issue then the owners on Tiscali would have a good case to complain to isp, game designer and sony for a fix

but this report has no fact to explain why the issue is there so i think it is miss leading without fact as to why

derseb3792d ago

there are no complaints from 360 owners, because tiscali is operating in europe and there are no 360s here. ;)

rawg3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

It's pretty clear that the writer is posting an article about his limited personal experience without much additional research.

If Tiscali is indeed blocking P2P traffic it would affect more than just PS3 COD4 players since most multiplayer games use P2P on both PS3 and X360, even World of Warcraft uses P2P for patch downloads not to mention services like bittorrent and Skype.

It's misleading for him to state it as a problem specific to PS3 COD4 players just because he's too lazy to do his research.

Kleptic3792d ago would effect pretty much every file sharing (even the legal apps) program also...not to mention XBL (XBL only has P2P, where as the PSN has several games that support other types of networking as well...master server heartbeats w/ dedicated connections, etc..)...

but it really depends on what exactly they are sounds like it is a specific type of P2P network code...not just P2P networking in general...or else online gaming would be completely stalled through that ISP daily...there would be much more of a story about this if that was true...

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