PixlBit's Dyad Review

PixlBit | "A few weeks ago, I was watching Adult Swim pretty late at night when I came across a psychedelic piece of animation. What I saw felt like some sort of fever dream. I assumed that the swirling colors and morphing images were part of the station identification bumps, but it just kept going and I was transfixed, unable to change the channel. I eventually realized that this was an actual animated short and when it was over I blinked a couple times and decided that I didn’t get what I had just seen, though I could understand why it might rock the socks off of someone else. This is exactly how I feel about Dyad, a game that I can appreciate as something unique and artistic, and yet something that is simply not my cup of tea."

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MmaFan-Qc2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

why reviewing it when you clearly hate it?

this review is useless.

ado9082121d ago

Lol from reading this article he doesn't even seem to understand the concept of this game.

GribbleGrunger2121d ago

'why reviewing it when you clearly hate it?'

er... so what are you suggesting? people should only review games they like? wouldn't they have to play those games first to find out if they like them? and wouldn't every game get a 10 if they only wrote reviews of games they liked?