Six new veterans confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Thanks to Japanese game stores breaking the January 31st street date, VGB shows six new veteran Super Smash Bros. characters for Brawl. The newly confirmed characters are: Luigi, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Marth, Falco Lombardi and Mr. Game & Watch.

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M_Prime3771d ago

Pretty cool i must say, i was worried that captain Falcon wouldn't make it. This gives me 2 things to look forward to.

1 - playing as captain falcon
2 - a possible F ZERO for the wii with possible ONLINE..i love the Fzero series, i have both VC titles and i play em all the time.

mintaro3771d ago

was waiting for Mr.Game and Watch, almost thought he wouldnt make it

Brainiac 83771d ago

I was waiting to find out if my Game & Watch made it back in, and I'm super excited that he is in.

I really want Krystal in the game, and I'm thinking she might not be.

Vespertine3771d ago

Where the hell is Sonic?!

desolationstorm3771d ago

Sonic is in, but its been said that he is the hardest to unlock so these people playing it right now are letting us know as they go along.

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