The Top 7... Damsels You Don't Want to Save

You know the formula. A pure-hearted beauty falls into the evil grasp of some snarling, spitting, mustache-twirling megalomaniac. A noble hero, driven by honor, courage and - let's face it - hormones, rushes to her aid. A brief kiss ensues and, before you can say sequel, the hapless lady has stumbled into imminent danger all over again. Tale as old as time... classic "damsel in distress."

Except sometimes, the damsel isn't worth the damn trouble. Sometimes you reach the end of your adventure, take one look at your reward and wonder why you went searching for her in the first place. Sometimes you're sick of her before you've even begun.

The following are those times. Take Games Radar's advice, potential knights in shining armor. Don't bother.

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hokis4ever3765d ago

I always enjoy reading their articles. :)

freakyzeeky3765d ago

Kirstin Dunst looks fugly in that in pic! :O
Looks like she's missing some teeth. :x

Dark_Vendetta3765d ago

Where is Ashley(RE4)? I never wanted to save this dumb girl, and every 10 min: "AHHHHHHHHH LEON SAVE ME".

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