Capcom blames retailers for DMC4 price difference

The decision to price the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4 £10 higher than the Xbox 360 version came from retailers, not publisher Capcom, has learned.

Speaking to, a spokesperson for Capcom said: "We don't set the prices of our games, that's at the discretion of the retailer. In this specific instance, the process has resulted in a price difference, but the process itself is not something we completely control."

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Eromu3733d ago

Wasn't there another post on this a few days ago where they said it was part of their "Business Model"?

mintaro3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

thats' odd, up until now i always thought that PS3 games and 360 games were sold the same, at least thats how it is in Canada


Premonition3733d ago

What i find fishy is, how many retailers must say they want the PS3 version 10 dollars more? I mean I doubt the retailers would do such a thing to screw owners of a system thats selling rather well over there, this doesnt add up, and capcom thinks they can fool us.

shine13963733d ago

cause I bought Burnout paradise yesterday and it was five pounds more then x360 equivalent, so it can't be just capcom...if it is them...

at least their getting equal shelf space now...couple of months ago couldn't find certain console games in major supermarkets...

Capt CHAOS3733d ago

Retailers typically get around 30% margin (or used to), they have decided to mark the PS3 version higher because maybe they expect to sell less units.. Either way, they are not helping themselves.

shine13963733d ago

interesting...never heard that before, mark up software titles so you get the same profit margin across platforms...except pc version is always cheaper and they sell a whole lot less...I reckon this must get back to licensing fees from sony...
on a side note...these days ps3 versions of cross platform games get marketed a whole lot more then x360, assasins creed, burnout etc lets see if the same happens to DMC 4, it was essentially a playstation brand game...if you didn't already have a xbox360 you wouldn't even know this was coming out on 360... you think Sony is building a base for possible gamers who are waiting to buy next gen console?

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Premonition3733d ago

I knew it all along, just covering up some garbage, I never "knew" retailers could set their own price all of a sudden. Capcom just needs to come clean and stop trying to dust something under the rug.

shine13963733d ago

that in the uk its undoable legal wise...isn't that what nintendo said when asked the same question regarding their hardware...

Meus Renaissance3733d ago

They used to be the same price initially in stores. But I asked some of them why now do PS3 versions cost more, and they said "because it costs more to develop it on Blu-Ray", which implies the retailers are being charged more for PS3 games by the publishers.

But this article contradicts that.

Someone is lying.

Either way, I buy my games from Online retailers that charge the same for both platforms.

shine13963733d ago

yes...conspiracy theories would say that someone else is in play?

Laxe3733d ago!? I didn't even know the 360 version was cheaper! That's just plain dirty and it needs to be fixed asap!

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The story is too old to be commented.