Microsoft: Windows 7 NOT Coming In 2009

Gordon Kelly, 29th January 2008 - When we heard the chatter last week that Windows 7 may be brought forward and released towards the end of 2009 to save us all from Vista it may us very happy. Now we're sad again...

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WilliamRLBaker3679d ago

Microsoft didn't become the top of the heap by being stupid.

v1c1ous3679d ago

the windows ME of '08?

mighty_douche3679d ago

Not the point, im angry enough that theres details of a new OS already floating around.

I believed the emtry promises and invested in Vista Ultimate (which isnt cheap) and have been seriously disappointed, a complete waste of money, so much so that i now dual boot along side XP.

Dont think ill ever invest in another M$ OS.

dilibau3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

this is like throwing money out of on Window(s)... ;)

Anyway, I agree with you about Vista being a complete f**k up... This is why they're killing XP so early (next June that is) so that they force you or anybody else into buying a hardware-gobbling OS that is sometimes worse than its predecessor (Home Basic DEFINITELY is)

WilliamRLBaker3679d ago

sept they kill off support for os's within the same time limit for all os's you obviously dont know what your talking about if you think that.

Windows 95, 98, Me we're all killed off when it came to consistant support 3-5 years after release after that its only the biggest and most important updates then a year or 2 later they stop producing the OS.

Dont talk as if this is something new....and 95% of the computer os maket disagrees with you cause they all own an windows OS!

illizit3679d ago

Everyone was saying the same things about XP when it first came out.
IMO it is a great OS, better than XP. Of course, I have a $2000 computer I built a year ago running it so it runs perfect however installing SP1 made it run even faster. It never crashes on me and the games run perfect (8800GTX). I really have no complaints.

skagrerrrr3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

i haven' had any issues with vista ultimate ever since i got it in march 2007. i also have a 2000USD pc, with 8800gtx, runs all my games smoothly, never even had to reinstall vista.

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Sheddi3679d ago

Whats so new about this OS?