Prototype 2 Review (Solidus Gaming)

Finally, the long-anticipated sequel that had it’s first reveal trailer late 2011 has finally hit its last platform, PC, on July 24th of this year after already hitting PS3 and Xbox 360 3 months prior to the PC release. Radical Entertainment decided to take a different look on this fearful virus outbreak, and display it from a military perspective in Prototype 2 using Sergeant James Heller as the new protagonist and main character. Just knowing that Heller and Mercer, both invigorating individuals go head to head in brutal combat in an all new improved sandbox and graphics makes it so utterly destructive and ridiculous that its so hard to not smile.

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johnbanji2296d ago

Fantastic game!!!!
One of my favourites!!!
Already playing for 2 weeks! By the way I downloaded it free full version here http://prototype2new.tumblr...