No 120GB PS3 for UK, says Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told that there are currently no plans to introduce a 120GB PlayStation 3 in the region.

Rumours are circulating that Sony America is due to launch a new model PlayStation 3 in the US, as stocks of the 80GB model begin to disappear from shelves.

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predator3739d ago

so they say no to the UK but wont speculate on rumors when asked for about the US. They just confirmed it here. Lucky Americans, we get stuck with 40gig.

Gazman3738d ago

Oh no and its so hard not install a bigger hard drive into the ps3 as well NOT, who cares in most cases it will most likely be cheaper to buy the 40gig ps3 and a 120gig drive

jlytle12343738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

and with video/audio streaming via tversity, my 60 is more than plenty. not to mention you can play divx/xvid and mp4 off a dvd. thats divx 4 or larger, no divx 3 play off disk.

Premonition3738d ago

It might not matter to you but you forget their are casual consumers out there, that have no clue on how to install a Hard drive, so seeing a system with an installed Hard drive with a good number such as 120GB or higher, its a good deal for them, and should help sony out.

Kyur4ThePain3738d ago

While I understand your point of view, I think it's also true that people who don't know how to upgrade the HDD are also not likely to use up 40GB.

Usually those that know how to utilize the disk space will also be comfortable with replacing the drive.

resistance1003738d ago

Well SCEE are going for the one console unit in europe by the looks of things, either that or UK is getting a 160GB unit

Dark_Overlord3738d ago

he only denied that the 120gig wasn't coming to Europe, so whats to say Europe doesn't get a 160gig or more

THC CELL3738d ago

the uk or eu will get a 160 gig what will be the ultimate ps3 for us

jlytle12343738d ago

if this rumor is true, i can only see them offering it exclusivley to americans because thats the only region where the 360 destroys the ps3. its the bigger is better mentality over here, so they will compete with the elite and the arcade in pricing.

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The story is too old to be commented.