PS2's last must-have RPG out February

Rake out your PS2 next month - a game that doesn't involve singing or answering pointless trivia questions is coming out and it's bloody good.

Persona 3 from Koei was very well received in the US, where it recently went on sale, and it'll be hitting UK stores on February 29.

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Luca Blight3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

and so addictive (getting new personas all of which are based off of "real life" mythology in true SMT fashion). Buy this game - you will not be disappointed.

Chuck Norris3707d ago

damn i didn't know an english version was already out

Lord_Ash3707d ago

Anyone who didn't play this game do yourselves a favor and go buy it the day it's released, the only other good game in Feb (I think) for Europe is DMC4.

Lord_Ash3705d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot UT3 comes to Europe in February, I already bought it last month so thats why.

Laxe3707d ago

Well it's about damned time! I was reading about this back before Christmas and I'm so going to buy it for my PS3 when it comes out!

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