Yakuza 3 - New Screenshots

Yakuza 3 has just show three new screeshots.

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resistance1003855d ago

This is out very soon in japan isn't it?

PS3 really will have a heck of a start to 2008 over there with DMC4, Diseaga 3, Yakuaza 3 all popular games over there, then you have Assissans Creed and Lost Planet out there this month aswell

ravinash3855d ago

I wonder what that chic with the book would have to say about this game.

heyheyhey3855d ago

i don't know about you guys, but i am really anticipating this game- i really like these Japanese fighting games

anyone know the release date for EU? it's probably going to be a great deal after the Jap release

ThaGeNeCySt3855d ago

I don't even think part 2 released in the US yet =/

Beren3855d ago

Well i did love Yakuza(1), the history and character development was really cool. I did end hungry for more, and i hope this is for US too :)

wh0am13855d ago

Are we still gonna get Yakuza 2 somtime in the future??

Also it'd be great if the original Japanese dialogue is an option Yakuza 3.

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