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Rumor -- RE6 Will Have A 5th Campaign: Prelude

An image has appeared online showing the campaigns selection of Resident Evil 6, which includes "Leon", "Chris", "Jake", "Ada" and a fifth one called "Prelude". (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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TheMasterShake  +   817d ago
i think its gonna be like a intro of sorts to set up the whole premise of the game. because each campaign starts in a different places at different times. so not to get confused they put the prelude in. now if this is another scenario then there is no excuse not to buy this horror or not. this game is the most content enriched game we've seen from capcom this whole generation and to honestly pull up the horror argument is pure bull.
itani  +   817d ago
Why is there no excuse to buy this game horror or not just cause it has a lot of content? That's like saying buy the new Dead Space 3! Horror or not it has Coop and loads of content but will it be as enjoyable as the past Dead Space game entries? Doesn't look like it and neither does this game.
TheMasterShake  +   817d ago
people were complaining that capcom was making incomplete am i right? so now it looks like capcom is actually for once listening, but instead you people are not gonna buy it because its resident evil without horror (so they say). which is pure bull to me because the reason it doesn't have horror is because idiots like you who claim to be "REAL" resident evil fans were the same ones who bought RE4. how come no one was singing this song when re4 was totally changed into a third person action game? oh thats right because you people are nothing more than hypocrites. there is actually people who complain about RE5 & RE6 sucking, who claim they are real re fans but yet their favorite is RE4. that doesn't make any Fucking sense. blame yourselves the "REAL" re fans for the way RE is today.
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modesign  +   817d ago
good news for the handfull of people that will buy this trash
r21  +   817d ago
DLC maybe? you know capcom ;)
Styxoric  +   817d ago
Seriously, a 5th campaign? so what're they? 30 minutes each?.

No thank you. Give me a single character to play, and a dark mansion filled with horror and puzzles. Then you get my cash.
FinaLXiii  +   817d ago
Ada´s campaign appears to be solo.
nofallouthero  +   817d ago
i wonder how long each one will be because there no way 5 different campaigns can be as long as 4 or even 5 which was really short
showtimefolks  +   817d ago
it can have all the campaigns in the world but if they are not any good than its really doesn't matter. I think capcom s trying to please every single fan and that's just impossible

you want RE4 style gameplay here is your campaign
you want more shooter base here is yours

the 4th one can be played after you complete the 1st 3 and that's just stupid why would you lock any content what so ever. The Japanese publishers/developers are still living a decade back and no wonder why western devs have handed them a whopping when it comes to making games. so what if someone can not complete the 3rd campaign than they can't play the extra one when they are paying you full price
jetlian  +   816d ago
do you know how stupid you sound? Well I cant fight the final boss because I didnt beat the second to last boss! I guess their locking the ending away from me.

I guess you never got the real endings in RE2 cuz you had to play that twice and it had 2 characters! Japans problem is how fast they release games more than anything.

If im not mistaken re5 outsold both dead space games. mgs still out sells splinter cell, pokemon, zelda, FFantasy still out sell western rpgs like mass effect, even skyrims of the world.

mario can hold its own with cod as did the "WII" games as in sports resort,fit etc. when it comes to figthing games all the west has is MK which is nothing compared kof,sf,bb,tk,vf,doa,sc,vs

do the same for hack and slash, gow vs NG,Bayo,DMC, Most western devs just have a better release schedule over japan.

Shooters 1st or 3rd is a no contest west has that on lock

edit: All these its short compared to what re4 every game before re4 has been 5-10 first playthrough. All the old games had extras if the game was beating in under 3 hours even 4 could be beaten in 5 hours
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showtimefolks  +   816d ago
Skyrim out sold FF which world are you living in. And many game sites are complaining about the the locked content, it's not about beating the game twice etc, when someone pays full price for the game than give them all the on disk content.

While street fighter series is very good capcom has a way to mess things up with all the dlc crap and on disk dlc that you have to pay to unlock.

MGS is just a better series than splinter cell and UBI has made SC games more into shooters than stealth. BTW mortal kombat sold quite well

Why you think it's is that capcom has lost a lot of its home grown talent to western publishers? Google that and you will get your answer

Mass effect had 3 games in one gen while most Japan publishers can't make 2 in the same period with the quality that ME has.

It's not me mostly everyone admits the fact the development has gone down in Japan and even people like kojima has questioned Japanese publisher
jetlian  +   816d ago
now I know you dont know what your talking about. I said ff,pokemon, zelda combined are bigger than western rpgs. ES is nowhere near FF as a series.

Ada wongs mission isnt DLC so what are you talking about? I like SC more than MGS and MGS is more of a shooter. Have you ever played a SC?

what home grown talent left japan for the west? I stated in my post japans only fault is their too slow.

WHat is considered qualty? ME shooting and movement really isnt that good. Hell ME 2/3 more a shooter than SC at this point.
jaymart2k  +   817d ago
Rumor- No secrets in RE6 cause Capcom was dumb enough to show everything.

Capcom already release to much info. No more info,videos,etc.
user5467007  +   817d ago
It's so obvious they are doing so many campaigns so people will buy it thinking it will be packed full of content, totaly forgetting it's Capcom were talking about here. They'll probably be a few hours each or most of the characters will play the same levels as the other ones.
GearSkiN  +   817d ago
I want it once I hear the reviews.
Biohazard8860  +   814d ago
Dont even trust reviews cause they gave Re5 a 9 pretty much every game site and most re fans know thats bs of a score.

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