Today's most satirical video: Loading.Ready.Run tackles 'Max Effect'

It's been a week since Fox News ran a largely ignorant news segment on the the brief, minor and optional sex scene found in Mass Effect. The crew of Loading.Ready.Run have produced a satire of the news segment for our enjoyment. All the important interview tactics are present, from the gaming supporter being frequently cut off mid-sentence, having his mic turned off, and the host giving loaded questions and descriptions ("full on hardcore porn sex ... with freaky alien chicks"). The acting may not be top-notch, but the snark is.

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ceedubya93855d ago

I'll have to make sure I watch this when I get home. That whole Fox debacle really got us gamers going didn't it? You can always count on the media to bring the console wars to momentary truce when they misrepresent games/gamers.

Balance3855d ago

yup fanboys of every side put their arms to unite behind this. it is easy to see we are all gamers no matter what console you own when you have a common enemy- ignorant media people (or jack thompson).

witchking3855d ago

This was pretty funny. Well done.