3DMark company Futuremark gets into games

Futuremark, the company behind PC benchmarking utility 3DMark, is getting into games development.

The Finnish enterprise has established Futuremark Games Studio, which "is committed to developing original IP games with the highest quality game play combined with our established track record of creating blow-your-socks-off visuals", according to Futuremark Corporation CEO Tero Sarkkinen.

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JsonHenry3796d ago

Wonder what they will pull out of their sleeves?

AllroundGamer3796d ago

probably something you won't be able to run with 30fps till next gen hardware comes out :)

Azurite3796d ago

I think they should be able to create something that works on from low to high-end, like UE3.

JsonHenry3796d ago

That is not really what futuremark does. But since they are making games they **might** take that into account.

DethWish3796d ago

These games will probably look GOOD!

JeepGamer3796d ago

As far back as I can remember there being a 3dMark I can also remember people wanting to see them make games.

Avto3796d ago

they know hardware that's for sure, so if they wanted to they could make a game that could run on modest PC but as for games I mean gameplay this is a hard one they may be good or they may be bad, only time will tell and don't count on visuals either, think Crysis outstanding visuals, high system requirements, o.k gameplay, silly story doesn't sell to hot could be a lot better, plus their benchmark are good but modern PC,PS3 and some X360 games are just as good if you ask me

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