Halo 3 Figures Packaged and Ready to Go

Remember those Halo 3 action figures that MacFarlane has been teasing us with for the past few months? Looks like they're pretty much all ready to hit store shelves now. The figures won't be available until March, but for now you can get a sneak peak at the packaging you'll be struggling to rip open soon. The toy line will include Master Chief, Cortana, a few Grunts, a Brute, a Jackal, and a handful of different colored Spartans. Just remember there's only one month left until you'll have all the figures you'll need for your epic stop-motion feature, "A Halo Tale: Master Chief Goes West."

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Charlie26883733d ago

Knowing how much of a Collector whore I am I am sure to pick at lest a couple of them up :P