Assassins Creed III: Liberation - Playtime 12 to 15 hours

According to Producer Mathieu Hector in the lates issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Assassins Creed III: Liberation for PlayStation Vita has a playtime of 12 to 15 hours.

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12345bnm2320d ago

So it's three times longer than most console games then?.

ddurand12320d ago

no. its on par with similar experiences via console.

this will be my first assassins creed game and im excited for it.

rpd1232320d ago

If you like it you should try out the rest of the series. Or at the very least Assassin's Creed 2.

ddurand12320d ago

i will if i enjoy this one. the other games have been on my rainy day off list for awhile

Lucretia2320d ago

yeah careful cuz AC1 sux after 2 hours. but AC2 is a good game

Gamesgbkiller2320d ago

I think ,,
still we will see people finish the game under 9 hours :)

PoSTedUP2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

yup, everyone should buy it New, unless you really cant afford it (which then you WOULD wait a while for the price to drop significantly). otherwise if you buy it used at a 3-$4 difference you are just cheap and a asshole.

Relientk772320d ago

You should definitely play Assassn's Creed II, its the best in the series IMO. It is amazing

rpd1232320d ago

I agree. AC1 was great for setting up the series, but the improvement made in AC2 make AC1 look bad. And Brotherhood and Revelations were all right, but nowhere near the level of greatness that AC2 achieved.

_-EDMIX-_2319d ago

I doubt that so much. I hated AC1 before 2 ever released. That was just an all around bad game, same goes for Mass Effect 1. I hate when people make it seem as if the game is only bad because of (AC2 or ME2) NO, i played BOTH and hated both before there sequels came out.

Whats to like about repetitive gameplay? Or an inventory system that is almost pointless an a level up system to is useless? If you level up each level of the game then you technically are leveling up by default, YOU'LL ALWAYS get the same level in the end (give or take)

So AC1 is a no play, regardless if you've played AC2 or not. That is just an awful game.

Baka-akaB2319d ago

AC2 didnt make AC1 a pretty but repetitive and quickly boring mess . It was universally panned for that AC2 or not .

rpd1232319d ago


The thing is, I loved AC1. I looked past the flaws that everyone points out because it was such an awesome story and the gameplay was like nothing I'd ever played. AC1 was the reason I got my 360. Playing it at my friends house was enough for me to buy a console just to play it.

Same goes for Mass Effect 1, which I loved at the time it came out. It was such an awesome story that I didn't even care that the combat sucked. The characters were interesting and the fact that it was an in depth rpg was awesome. After playing ME2 and ME3, I can see the glaring flaws, but at the time I didn't notice it.

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Mounce2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I'd completely disagree with Lucretia with a burning passion....

Even Ubisofts AC-writer had said AC1 is the most 'Pure' of the series. AC1 is the Best, only the impatient of people or those with untamed ADHD would not complete that game which has a more compelling story and better character development than AC2's Trilogy. More immersive by far.

@rpd123 - Precisely. Look past its flaws, don't be Overly-anal with the repetitiveness and it will be the better games. AC2 and the rest were Quantity over Quality....they shove redundant tasks to you constantly to lure you away from the story because it wasn't as compelling as AC1's. It was Ezio-progression-focused, which was more interesting as a means of "We've been with Ezio since his birth til Revelations", but, Altair is just the MASTER Assassin, the Best of the best for a reason.

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GribbleGrunger2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

edit: Didn't realize it was the Vita version. I suppose that's not too bad then lol.

leahcim2320d ago

the psp AC game was amazian IMAO

Neo Nugget2320d ago

It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't terrible either. Pretty standard spinoff game.

DivineAssault 2320d ago

Thats good enough for me.. Handheld wise thats pretty good for an action adventure game.. Tomb Raider is only going to be 10 lol.. That sucks cuz i want it but refuse to pay $60 for a game that short

mafiahajeri2320d ago

Why havent they released gameplay of this and COD? Im getting doubtful about these games.

GodHandDee2320d ago

What do you mean? We already saw Liberation in action in the reveal trailer. The game was showcased behind doors to media and all reports have been positive about it.

COD Declassified is the one to watch. Hopefully they will showcase it at gamescom in a week or so

_-EDMIX-_2319d ago

LOL! I mean shit, you would think one would actually GOOGLE! If theres video of this game before posting such a stupid thing.

I mean....did you look? Do you even care to see it or are you just trolling for PSV fans? LOL.

_-EDMIX-_2319d ago

I'm getting doubtful about you actually truly caring about either game. The game was shown as it was announced, i mean shit its all over this thing called the "internet" LOL!

You have "doubts" yet you don't youtube to see the video for ACL? O.....kay? Very funny.

I had doubts about Phantasy Star Online 2 going free to play, i very much YOUTUBED IT! I doubt you have "doubts" lol.

mafiahajeri2319d ago

trolling the PSV? I have a PSV and I have high hopes about the device and I cant wait for gamescom yes I saw the trailer but thats still nothing I expected much more shown. The game comes out in about 2 months and we havvent got alot of info especially with COD.

Summons752319d ago

why do you need gameplay of COD? Spoiler it will look and play like every other call of duty in existence. Get all the benefits of screaming 12 year olds, broken multiplayer and hackers galore while traveling or waiting for the afternoon bus! You want gameplay go pop in your COD game and imagine it on a 5 inch screen.

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