More Bad News For GAME And All UK Video Game Retailers

It seems the summer slump in blockbuster releases has hit the retail gaming market in the UK hard. Data from the UKIE/GfK Chart-track shows that retailers in the UK grossed the lowest amount since records began. This is bad news for retail shops such as GAME, who recently went into administration and are struggling with the increasing presence of the online and downloadable market.

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TopDudeMan2322d ago

I'll buy from them when they make their games cheaper. Amazon still smokes their price on everything.

TekoIie2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Amazon is awesome! I bought KoA for £20 when Game was selling it for £35. Brilliant deal :D

C L O U D2322d ago

GAME can disappear for all I care...overpriced shop

fossilfern2322d ago

and staff members who don't have a clue. A friend of mine applied for GAME and there wasn't a single bad mark against him as in he never got sacked from previous jobs etc. Hes been a gamer as long as I have and he didn't even get the job! They gave it to some woman who clearly didn't have a clue

Hellsvacancy2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

My local Game store isnt much better, if you dont mind waiting in line for 20mins to buy something that is

I dont go in there anymore, i go HMV, i find there prices can be a little cheaper and i dont have to pre-order special editions of games from there, i can speak to them over the phone and theyll reserve me a copy of what i want for nothing

pompombrum2322d ago

This is their own fault really.. they should have recognized that there wasn't many major games coming out and prepared some quality sales and promotions to try and get people to spend more. Not that it'd do them much good.. most of their games on "sale" and pretty much all their pre-owned games cost more than they do brand new on amazon and shopto.

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