Ubisoft delays Assassins Creed and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Ubisoft has revealed via its release schedule that Assassin's Creed will be available in retail stores on March 28th 2008 for both the PC and DS, giving them both a month's delay.

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THC CELL3821d ago

Not ass creed again

PC gamers trust me u are not missing much
this game dose nothing but repeats

mighty_douche3821d ago

Ah shame... im waiting on the PC version. Would of got it for the console if it wasnt for all the issues/bugs.

ar3821d ago

Don't know about the 360 version but the PS3 version worked flawlessly after the patch.

gta_cb3820d ago

i have the 360 version and the only problems i have ever had is once i was running away from a load of guards and hid in one of those things on a rood and couldnt get out when they had gone lol, although i did leave it on pause while hiding for a couple hours :P

ravinash3821d ago

It would be interesting to see if a) how much they can improve the graphics and b) if there are as many bugs.

mighty_douche3821d ago

improved graphics is obvious, even just be increasing the res. Bug/issues/glitches are my only concern.

Avto3821d ago

I don't think a month is enough to make this game any good on PC cuz' with insane specs like this and enormous amount of bugs the PC version is bound to have (a little Ubisoft tradition) I think they'll be better of shelving the PC version and releasing it late 08 this is when the mainstream market will catch up with this specs

[email protected]3821d ago

I might which is the problem with Ubisoft and the latest delayed. Too many tittle from that company has be delay on some way or another... weird o_O

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