10 Reasons Why Trophies Are Better Than Achievements

Trophies are better than achievements. Therefore you are better and cooler for earning trophies. As much as people try to deny it, once you start it’s hard to stop. You love your points. Whether it be in trophies, gamerscore, or even the 3DS achievements, every one has something keeping track of how well they’re doing.

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versusALL1905d ago

There both the exact same thing to me.

jwk941905d ago

But they're not. One is score-based and the other is level-based, representing an RPG of sorts. Both have their ups and downs. I personally prefer Trophies because of the level system as well as the Platinum. There's just something good about knowing that you can't get that trophy until you obtain the rest.

r211905d ago

that and it shows how committed a gamer is to that particular game :D havent got one myself but hopefully i'll get one when with inFamous 2.

nukeitall1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I would like to be rewarded with a platinum, but dislike the level up system and the excessive breaking up trophies to bronze, silver, gold and platinum on PSN. It's excessive and unnecessary.

The ideal system would be the simple achievement type scoring combined with a platinum like award. Simple is good in my opinion.

dc11905d ago

InFamous 2 is a good start. I'm a gaming addict and Trophy Hunter for sure.

Have fun being pulled in :)

EVILDEAD3601905d ago

Fanbloggers can come up with a billion reason why they believe trophies are better it won't change how addictive and fun collecting achievements have been on the 360 since day one.

Live made the achievement system what they are today and hardcore 360 gamers cherish them with their life.

I said it for years...achievements are crack..people think its just a score but its so much more than that for gamers on Live. I love my PS3 slim but achievements are the main reason I buy 99% of multis on the 360 and buy the big exclusive ls on my PS3.

Carrying over achievements and Live accounts is a major reason why 720 will have a huge early adoption rate from the hardcore 360 heads.

But at the end of the day, neither system outdoes the other in my's simply your preference..


ShinMaster1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

You people come up with a billion reasons as to why you think Achievements are better, but it won't change how addictive and fun collecting Trophies have been since they were implemented on the PS3.
Truth is, they're the same. They work the same exact way.
It's just Achievements. Calm down.

Trophies will also carry over to PS4 the same way they did to PS Vita. So again, it's not that special.

I personally like Trophies because of their Leveling system which is almost like a mini-game of its own, allowing for competition between friends.

Now, I'm not gonna give you some melodramatic BS about how "hardcore gamers cherish them with their lives" lol, but the truth is people care more about Trophies or Achievements depending on the system they play the most and which system most of their friends are on.
So it's down to perspective. But they're basically the same. Sorry.


Trophies are broken down into 3 distinguishing values: Bronze, Silver and Gold. That's more simple than random numbers. So I don't know what you mean by it needing to be more simple.

jwk941904d ago


Nobody is saying one is more addicting than the other. both are fun and engaging ways of rewarding the gamer for accomplishing otherwise menial feats. Like I already stated, both have their ups and downs, and both are nice additions to this generation of gaming. Hopefully they carry into the next generation.

Oh_Yeah1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

jwk94, exactly. i look at trophies kinda like a mini rpg of your game history. i look at achievements as a high score of your game history kinda like on a arcade machine. i like rpgs more than any arcade game ive played.thats why i prefer trophies. you can blame pokemon, final fantasy, elder scrolls and fallout etc for me liking trophies more. leveling up is addictive, high scores? not as much imo

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daggertoes831905d ago

Platinums are a gamers best friend

Oh_Yeah1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

the only game i have a platinum in is skyrim. theres endless amounts of things to do in that game so i figured why not? open world games with alot to do i might go for it. but how do you sit there and plat linear games? must feel like a chore imo because its the same thing over and over. once i beat a game like max payne, its over with..idc about getting 100% in those.

ThePUNisher1905d ago

Not giving them hits for a stupid topic but I must admit, that is one cool URL.

Tzuno1905d ago

Yeah yeah remember that Microsoft is the Father of this. Need to say more?

Chug1905d ago

Nope, you can be quiet now.

GribbleGrunger1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

I think you'll find that Insomniac are the father of Trophies. Just for reference sake, they were called: 'skill points'. Click if you date:

need I say more?

GTRrocker6661905d ago

Uncharted 1 had in game trophies too before the trophy patch

nukeitall1905d ago

The idea of awarding something is pretty old and predates Insomniacs existence.

GribbleGrunger1905d ago

I'm talking about what predates Trophies, nothing else. generally speaking, you are right, but as far as Sony is concerned and Trophies, it is Insomniac that did it first and not MS as the comment suggested

Perjoss1905d ago

Its true that awards have been around for a while but Microsoft were the first games company to make a system that carries over accross multiple games. It was copied by Sony, Valve and Blizzard.

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Wintersun6161905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

And that makes it better how exactly?

Also MS was only the first to make achievements universal across all games on a console. There were similar systems in some games way before. MS didn't come up with the whole idea, like you're implying.

smashcrashbash1905d ago

Exactly. Just because Microsoft and their fans trumpet it out loud more then anyone else did doesn't mean they invented it. Achievements existed long before Microsoft ever decide to 'invent' them. I won't put down what Microsoft did with them anymore then I will put down Sony streamlining memory cards to a better more compact form but give credit where credit is due.

Kran1905d ago



ALLWRONG1905d ago

Achievements are in fact an innovation by MS, copied by Sony.

Games have been keeping score and rewarding players from the beginning. Keeping score or rewarding players across an entire platform = Achievements.

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Blitz0011905d ago

What a idiotic article...

JBSleek1905d ago

Fanboys will find anything to fight over don't they.

Next we are gonna see 10 reasons why PS3 face buttons are better than Xbox360.

I wonder when will gamers grow up.

Hellsvacancy1905d ago

But the PS3 has got better face buttons


GribbleGrunger1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

What is remarkable about this site is the way some people respond to positive articles that are not MS related. article after article of negative points concerning Nintendo and Sony are met with applause by MS fanboys, but the moment anything goes in any direction but theirs, they pull the bias line. Anyone who has followed this site can see quite clearly that the majority of negativity is always aimed at Nintendo or Sony, so have the balls to suck it up when it doesn't go your way. And in your own words: grow up

Spydiggity1904d ago

this is such a hypocritical statement.

Outside_ofthe_Box1905d ago

I'm not saying that disagree with what you are saying. I agree with what you are saying 100%.

But just feel that if this article was "10 reasons why Achievements are better than Trophies" instead you wouldn't have made this comment.

JBSleek1905d ago

I own all systems and i don't claim to be perfect in not being bias but if it was opposite i would as well.

The only thing I'm very critical of concerning Sony is Vita.

But you are right I'm human and bias to an extent but I'm critical f all companies but I just hate hypocrisy.

swat_teem1905d ago

i think the ps3 buttons are better easy like X is soo much better then A :P

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