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"I wanted to enjoy Deadlight, but every time I started to get sucked into the atmosphere, the mechanics would take me out the experience. It was almost as if the game wanted me to be frustrated. I understand that the zombie apocalypse can be a frustrating time, but video games are meant to be fun."

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hennessey862327d ago

2 out of 5 is a travesty.

hellvaguy2327d ago

It got some higher ratings from more repectable review sites. This one seemed to rate the low priced live game as if it were a $60 game.

paleselan2327d ago

Destructoid gave the game a 4/10, Wired gave it a 5/10. All of these review sites are respectable, they just have different opinions. Just because a website gives a game a low score doesn't mean it's not respectable, it just means the writer has the balls to disagree with most others and say what he actually believes is true.

jetlian2327d ago

pale is a recently new account take that as you will and submitted this. Also only has 1 comment lol