First Person: The Exhausting Violence of Max Payne 3

When I think about Max Payne 3 I think about a camera shot tracking tight on a cluster of sixteen or so shotgun pellets as they slowly fly towards some poor bastard who's about to catch the round in the chest. I remember thinking, "I can't believe this is about to happen" while I slowed down the action with the press of a button and then literally watched the poor bastard's chest evaporate into a cloud of red and gore as I pumped shell after shell into him in slow motion.

Max Payne 3 might be the most violent videogame I've ever played. I'm shocked we never saw it as part of a Fox News anti-gaming tirade or in front of a Congressional committee on videogame violence. If you play it you will understand what I mean the first time you shoot a bad guy in the neck and see him collapse to his knees while blood spurts out of the gaping wound. The violence is brutal and unapologetic, yet it never felt inappropriate, and I realized why during a viewing of RoboCop.

By Dennis C. Scimeca

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