What are the best selling games in South Africa?

My Gaming - Market research company Gfk has released its June 2012 sales stats for the SA physical retail gaming market. Diablo III is the only game with the sheer force of evil necessary to keep The Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collection from taking the number 1 spot.

With a relatively quiet release schedule in June, a few big name titles did the shuffle on the sales chart.

On PC it’s a tale of threes, with Max Payne 3 (June 1) sneaking in at number 5. Battlefield 3 is still a strong seller, perhaps bolstered by the recent release of some new DLC. The Sims 3 expansions and Diablo III top off the list.

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Lucretia2056d ago

im sure no one cares lol

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ATi_Elite2056d ago

I clicked to see Katy Perry!

brish2056d ago

Lucretia, I'm guessing people from south africa care.

Jihaad_cpt2056d ago

Im from South Africa so I care but I guess I know why you dont care.

pr0digyZA2056d ago

I care mainly because I like to see what my fellow South Africans are playing. Don't really mind that other people don't care as I dont really worry about what the USA etc... play.

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juaburg2056d ago

Im also from SA. 1st comment is dick-like...

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