Konami Employee Wins Gold Medal at Olympics

IGN - Have you been watching the Olympics? Here’s something you might not know about the gold medal winner in men’s individual all-around gymnastics: he works for Konami. Uchimara is an employee of Konami Sports & Life Co., a subsidiary of Konami that aims at “providing you an enjoyable and valuable time within your daily life through health and fitness,” according to message from the program’s representative director.

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NastyLeftHook01934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

! Its a nanomachine

ATi_Elite1933d ago

I do one of those same routines everynight as I splash down in my bathtub.

True Story!

Septic1933d ago

So this is the guy who did all the motion capture scenes for Raiden.

PoSTedUP1933d ago

god holy ****, i wonder how many dips this guy could do.

Kojima Team are BEASTS. congrats.

epic song too!!!

-Mezzo-1934d ago

Cool, that's what you call a Multi-Talented guy.

Batzi1934d ago

Kojima should have won the medal.

Mainsqueeze1933d ago

Kojima couldnt even dream of doing what this guy does sorry. Hes a good game maker but this dude here is nuts.

mafiahajeri1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Are you implying if Kojima put all his time and effort into this sport he wouldnt be able to do it? How can you possibly know? Sorry but comparing them dosent make sense. Its like telling some guy who hasent ever played basket ball " Theres no way you can dunk the ball like Lebron James".

Also that comment was obviously a joke, you should have just laughed and moved on...

Mainsqueeze1933d ago

I honestly don't think it was a joke, people take their Kojima pretty seriously. No i'm not implying that if he put all his time and effort into this that he couldn't do it, they guy said "Kojima should have won the medal". And no he shouldn't of, not in a million years. Even if Kojima did put all his time and effort into gymnastics he couldn't do what this dude did...he just won an Olympic gold dude.

cruxito1933d ago

shutup.. both guys are in totally different like saying HOPE SOLO wont ever win an Oscar as NIcole KIdman

Nate-Dog1933d ago

@mafiahajeri: Well Kojima is over 50 years old I believe so...

But seriously if Mainsqueeze is like me he's probably sick to death of all the massive Kojima fanboys on this site that say (and would probably believe) stuff like this.

guitarded771933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Kojima is a gold medalist in making games :D

I would rather have Kojima's career than Uchimara's.

Other topic: I don't think most of the comments in this post understand that Uchimara works for a completely different division of Konami that deals with fitness/sports... not gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.