Raptr Rewards to give away free mystery PSN import games!

Raptr games is teaming up with MonkeyPaw Games to give away randomly selected PSN import games to qualified gamers free of charge!!!

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fossilfern2244d ago

But raptr cant track your PS3 progress unless you do it manually on their site.

RankFTW2244d ago

Raptr does track all PS3 games and trophies, it just doesn't do play time as Sony don't store that info.

fossilfern2244d ago

Really ? It hasnt tracked my trophies :/

RankFTW2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Try installing the desktop app on your PC. If you look at my n4g profile I have a link to my Raptr account if you want to check it out.

bub162244d ago

we always get screwed over in the EU :(