Polytron versus Microsoft – Whoever Wins, We Lose

GameFront: At the time of writing, gamers who care one whit about FEZ fall roughly into two camps — one camp that is saying “Fuck Microsoft” and another camp that is saying “Fuck Phil Fish.” The reason for all this fuckery is the announcement from Fish that Polytron would be re-releasing a famously buggy patch for its critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer, due to the platform holder’s exorbitant costs for re-certifying patched software. In short, patches cost money on the Xbox 360, and Polytron determined that the price of issuing a second patch was not worth the price that Microsoft demanded.

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Dark_Overlord2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

How about F*** both of them

MS for their exorbitant costs ($40,000)


Phil Fish for being a dick and only caring about the money